For the first time in the UAE, "Strata" manufactures aircraft parts by heat pressure

Strata has become synonymous with quality and pride.


Strata, the advanced manufacturing company, has announced the expansion of its partnership with Pilatus, the Swiss aerospace manufacturer, to include the manufacture of heat pressurized aerostructures parts, for the first time in the UAE.

The expansion of this partnership comes within the framework of an ongoing and growing cooperation relationship based on the plans of Strata and Pilatus, which contributes to the integration of Strata as an engineering partner in particular to delegate authority.

This partnership contributes to strengthening the cooperation between the two companies, as Strata will manufacture airframe parts using thermal stress technology for the first time in the UAE, and will add them to its current program with Pilatus, which includes the outer surfaces of the abdomen of “PC24” aircraft, and the roofs of the aircraft. The external fenders of its wings, the engine mount fenders, the horizontal fender and the conical stabilizer for the tail of the aircraft, all bearing the slogan “Al Ain Manufacturing Complex” and the tag “Proudly Made in the Emirates”.

Ismael Ali Abdullah, CEO of Strata, said: “Since the inception of Strata 12 years ago, its name has become synonymous with quality and pride. achieving it in our country, and even how we can positively affect the global aviation industry.”

For his part, Pilatus CEO Markus Bucher said that Strata's dedication, continuous ability to innovate and excel, and its awareness of a shared vision make Strata a strong partner in the UAE.

Strata is committed to a 70% localization rate in this project, and will also use the new generation of heat press technology, as well as a range of autoclave products.

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