Five departments jointly issued a document, where will the "ten billion industry" script killing go?

  Consultation script killing supervision tightens

  The "Notice" requires that information such as the address of the business site and the script script name, author, profile, and age range used by the site shall be notified and filed.

  Strict content management, encourage venues to use script scripts that promote the main theme and spread positive energy, require self-examination of script scripts, performances, scenes, props, costumes, etc., script entertainment activities must not contain content prohibited by laws and regulations.

  The "Notice" specifically proposes to strengthen the protection of minors

  It is required that the script script should set an appropriate age reminder and indicate the appropriate age range; if the set scene is not suitable for minors, it should be reminded in a prominent position, and minors should not be allowed to enter; A scripted entertainment business site shall not provide scripted entertainment to minors.

  According to iiMedia Research, the market size of script killing in my country will reach 11.7 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to reach 23.9 billion yuan in 2022.

However, this emerging thing, which is called "with a market size of tens of billions and nearly 10 million consumers" in the industry, has always had some problems such as vulgarity and violence.

  On June 27, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Ministry of Public Security and other five departments jointly issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Script Entertainment Business Sites" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which for the first time included script killing, escape room and other fast-growing script entertainment in recent years. The new format of business premises is included in the management. While emphasizing the implementation of informative filing and strict content management, it also regulates the protection of minors, the main responsibility of production safety and other issues that have received much attention in the previous business process.

  What impact will the issuance of the "Notice" have on the industry?

And what guidance does it have for creators in content production?

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporters visited a number of script killing shops in Chengdu, and talked with operators, creators and observers, trying to understand how this new measure will affect the young people's "new favorite" industry.

  Players complain: horror yellow storm and other content are uncomfortable

  Since the rise of script killing in China in 2016, there has always been a lack of corresponding managers, which has also made this booming industry questioned and criticized.

As early as last year, Xinhua News Agency issued an article saying that a small number of businesses promoted violence and supernatural powers in game content, scene setting and other links, using this as a commercial gimmick to attract young people and cause public concern.

At the same time, many script-killing stores have not posted warnings about minors, and there are loopholes in their management specifications.

  In addition, vulgarized content also exists in some script killings.

Female player Xiao Xiao revealed to reporters that she had encountered some scripts that used pornography and violence, which made her feel embarrassed and psychologically uncomfortable.

  National People's Congress:

  The introduction of management measures can make the industry bigger and stronger

  At this year's National People's Congress, Bie Biliang, deputy to the National People's Congress and deputy editor-in-chief of Chongqing Publishing Group, submitted the "Suggestions on Strengthening Supervision and Normative Guidance for "Script Killing".

He, who has been paying attention to the development of script killing, told reporters that the "Notice" is very timely and has played a positive role in establishing a normative order in the industry, which can better improve the competitiveness of the industry.

  He also told reporters that the "Notice" has been very thoughtful about the regulation of content and the guidance of young people, and also put forward new ideas and plans for the development of the industry.

  "The initiative of government agencies has played a leading role in demonstration, which can standardize the market, make management effective, and open up a new situation for the industry." Biliang believes that due to the impact of the epidemic, the script killing industry is not as popular as before. But this industry must be promising, and it is in line with the consumption habits of young people. "The industry needs some incentives. At this time, the government has introduced some management measures to allow the industry to continue to grow bigger and stronger in the market. I am very impressed with this industry. The future is still very promising.”

  Industry Watch

  Those who follow the trend and enter the game simply play a hot spot and end up getting out of the game

  How hot is the script killing?

According to data from Tianyancha, there are more than 10,000 companies related to script killing in my country.

According to iiMedia Research, the market size of script killing in my country will reach 11.7 billion yuan in 2020, and it is expected to reach 23.9 billion yuan in 2022.

  The broad market prospects of the script killing industry have made capital scrambling to deploy. Listed companies such as Mango Supermedia, Hengxin Oriental, and Xinguomai have all embarked on this track. Giants such as Tencent, Huace Film and Television, and Wanda Film and Television have also passed IP authorization. Enter.

  However, the fast-growing script killing industry also has a cruel side.

Due to the popularity of the script killing industry, a large number of young people have been attracted to start a business in the script killing market, but many stores have not persisted for long.

The "2021 China Script Killing Industry Research Report" shows that the average single consumption of offline script killing is between tens to hundreds of yuan, and the initial investment of a script killing offline store is 300,000-1 million Dollars vary, well-operated stores can make a profit in about half a year, but most of the scripts are difficult to return to the store, and they are in crisis of closing stores.

  The reporter noticed that the "Notice" mentioned that "the script entertainment business premises shall not be located in residential buildings, below the basement level of the building (excluding the basement level), etc.".

Some script killing practitioners said that many stores, especially script killing stores in second- and third-tier cities, are opened in residential buildings in order to save rent.

Once this regulation is implemented, these stores will either choose to close or have to move.

  Old Xu, the owner of Chengdu Life Delete Detective Office, said frankly that the Poly Center where his shop is located used to have more than 100 script killing stores, but now there are only more than 20 stores. There will be no management, and in the end it will only be closed.”

  industry practitioners

  Big waves wash away the sand to promote industry upgrading

  "Everyone pays attention to the industry, which shows that the industry has prospects and vigor. This is also an affirmation of the track we have chosen. On the other hand, the competitors who enter the competition later will definitely become more and more professional, and our pressure will also increase. The bigger it is. This also requires us to push ourselves and not be left behind." said Li Yong, founder of Universal Magic, a well-known script killing brand in the industry.

  Xie Li, general manager of Chengdu Shuzhou Immersion Culture Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said that the "Notice" specifically made corresponding requirements for the content of the script killing and the safety of the venue.

As a practitioner, I am very much in favor of such supervision and requirements.

The script killing industry still belongs to the cultural industry, and it must not develop savagely, otherwise it will definitely go astray.

  Juanzi, who has opened a script killing store for 5 years, told reporters that after the script killing became popular, some stores did play violence, terror and even pornography in order to attract customers, causing the entire industry to be criticized.

Juanzi believes that the soul of script killing lies in the script, among which "reasoning" and "social" factors are highly regarded.

Stores choose healthy and high-quality scripts to make the industry continue to develop. "This industry has come to the end of the 'barbaric growth period', and it will be the only way for the industry to be included in the scope of supervision and standardized development."

  Lao Xu said that the most popular ones in his store in the past two years are some scripts with positive energy and feelings of family and country. For example, "Druker", which many young people like, incorporates personal destiny choices, national hatred and family hatred, etc. The content, players will also have reflections after playing.

"I think after the "Notice" is released, it must be to purify the industry and eliminate hot-spot stores, so that people who love this industry can stay and wash away the sand."

  It is worth mentioning that this "Notice" particularly emphasizes the protection of minors.

Xiao Zhang, the owner of a script killing shop in Yanshikou, told reporters that the summer vacation is indeed the peak period for script killing, and many students come to "carpool" to play during the holidays.

Xiao Zhang said that although minors can also play script killing, they will recommend it according to the player's age and hobbies.

Generally speaking, younger guests, they will recommend Happy Ben.

  Tighter regulation

  A batch of inferior scripts will be eliminated

  In the reporter's interview, many practitioners expressed their support for regulation, but also worried that the tightening of regulation would affect the vitality of the industry.

Xie Li hopes that the government will strengthen supervision and give the industry more free development space while keeping the bottom line.

  Li Yong also believes that there must be many differentiating factors between the requirements of the "Notice" and the actual implementation, or the actual situation of each city is different. We will provide support and support to solve some of the problems. In this way, the participants in the industry will also cooperate more actively and efficiently.”

  "I'm more worried that the tightening of supervision will affect the creation." Lao Xu believes that the most important thing for script killing is the script. If the relevant supervision card is too strict, will it affect the enthusiasm of the creators?

"That's my only concern."

  Jin Jin, the head of the Script Game Creation Alliance, believes that the review of script killing should not be as strict as that of film and television, and practitioners and players need not be too pessimistic, and the script of script killing will move towards the era of censorship, and a batch of inferior scripts will definitely be eliminated. It will further promote the upgrading of content.

  In this regard, Feng Erzhong, the author of the well-known script killing distribution team, told reporters that the development of the script killing industry is very similar to that of online literature. will be involved in management and supervision.

In Feng Erzhong's view, creators with experience in content supervision may be popular, and they know how to make a good work under tighter conditions. "Our team is also crossing the river by feeling the stones and planning to do something more In-depth historical works."

  The creator of the script to kill the script, Ah Dai Dai, said that when creating content, she will pay attention to grasp the scale, such as not violating national laws and regulations, relevant policies, not violating morality, and not exaggerating feudal superstition.

In the view of Ah Daidai, the development direction of script killing in the future must be combined with cultural tourism. The venue is located in the scenic area, combining study tours, culture, and tourism to create immersive projects.

  Xie Li believes that the most important point for the script to kill the future direction is to enter the cultural tourism track. For example, the town they built in the ancient town of Jiezi, Chongzhou, "Weijiang Jiuzhou Real Jianghu" town, is a combination of Luyou culture and martial arts culture. It is closely related to Chinese studies and national tides, and it is playing in learning and playing in middle school.

"Promoting historical and cultural celebrities in a market-oriented way of immersive cultural tourism products, turning simple tourism into a cultural adventure tour with active participation, and turning stereotyped cultural introductions and scenic spot introduction strategies into explorations with an immersive experience. The best innovation is to spread the interest of history and culture in the form of 'light science popularization' while tourists enjoy exploring, solving puzzles, and traveling through Hanfu."

  Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter Qiu Junfeng

  Intern Mao Yuchuan