According to the President of the Federal Network Agency, an unequal gas supply in Germany would have far-reaching consequences.

"The moment the pressure in the gas network in a region falls below a certain minimum, the fuse in hundreds of thousands of gas boilers would suddenly kick in," Klaus Müller told the newspapers of the Funke media group (Sunday).

"They would have to be manually activated again by trained specialists if gas were available in the region again."

Nobody can want such a scenario, “because it would take a very long time to restore the gas supply.

So it will always be the aim of the Federal Network Agency, if necessary, to order reductions in industrial consumption so that this scenario does not occur.

According to Müller, the gas flows in Germany have so far been more or less evenly distributed.

"That could change if we only received gas from Norway, the Netherlands or Belgium," says Müller.

Therefore, the reservoirs are already being filled so that the south can also be adequately supplied.

"For example, we are currently not only focusing on the largest German storage facility in Rehden in Lower Saxony, but also on the storage facility in Wolfersberg in Bavaria."