Xiaopeng Motors responded to the "P7 accident airbag did not deploy".

  On July 2, the topic "Xpeng P7 accident airbag did not pop up" appeared on Weibo hot search.

The owner of the car involved in the accident said in an interview with the media that the accident happened on the morning of June 20. At that time, it was raining heavily and there was water on the road. The vehicle slipped and hit the guardrail after the owner stepped on the brakes.

The owner said that none of the four airbags in the car were deployed when the accident occurred, questioning the safety of the vehicle.

  In this regard, Xiaopeng Motors responded to The Paper, saying, "We attach great importance to the problems reported by Mr. Yang. After on-site investigation and real vehicle inspection, when the accident vehicle was driving in rainy days, it accidentally hit the road shoulder and the guardrail and the vehicle rotated, resulting in The front end of the vehicle was damaged by the Y shearing force. The passenger compartment is intact. From the outside, the longitudinal beam is not significantly damaged. The front anti-collision steel beam is intact. The impact force did not meet the airbag deployment requirements."

  Xiaopeng explained that whether the airbag deploys depends on the collision intensity collected by the collision sensor at the time of the accident.

Airbags may not deploy when the impact of a collision is absorbed or dispersed to the body.

Therefore, whether or not the airbag deploys is not judged based on the degree of damage to the vehicle.

  Xiaopeng said, "After Mr. Yang agreed to overhaul the vehicle, we are willing to provide a more detailed test report from the airbag supplier, and at the same time, we are willing to cooperate with customers to find a qualified third-party testing agency to test the vehicle's airbag safety system. To meet the reasonable demands of customers as much as possible.”

  In addition, the aforementioned report also stated that after the accident, all four doors could not be opened, and finally the owner climbed out of the trunk.

  In response, Xiaopeng Motors replied, "After verification of the driving data, the main driver's door was unlocked and opened, the main driver's seat was unoccupied, and the trunk was not opened throughout the whole process. There is a slight interference with the fender, but the four doors on the front and rear sides can be opened. Please discuss rationally among netizens, and we will reserve the right to trace the false information in accordance with the law. "

  It is reported that Xpeng P7 is the second mass-produced model of Xpeng Motors. It is positioned as a long-range smart coupe. It will be officially launched in April 2020, and the current price starts from 240,000 yuan.

  At the same time, the Xpeng P7 is also the current main model of Xpeng Motors.

In the past June, Xiaopeng Motors delivered a total of 15,000 units, of which 8,045 units of Xiaopeng P7 were delivered, accounting for more than half.