[Explanation] In the middle of 2022, the busy scene of approaching the Xinjiang Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone (referred to as Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone) comes into view. Trucks full of goods, factories under construction, and people buy food and cosmetics from Central Asia and other countries. and other daily necessities.

According to Ma Haitao, director of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone Management Committee, the import and export volume of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone in May this year was 4.62 billion yuan.

At present, the industrial layout of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone focuses on export-oriented and the processing and utilization of advantageous resources in neighboring countries to carry out related businesses, increase investment promotion, optimize the business environment, and allow more enterprises to settle here.

  [Concurrent] Ma Haitao, member of the Party Working Committee of Kashgar Economic Development Zone, Deputy Director of the Management Committee, Director of the Management Committee of Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone

  We focus on promoting the coordinated development of bonded logistics and processing production. The industrial agglomeration effect that has been formed so far will further leverage the location advantage of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone in the next step.

  [Explanation] On September 2, 2014, the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone was established. In order to attract many enterprises to settle down, the Comprehensive Bonded Zone launched a multi-level preferential policy overlay, bonded logistics, bonded processing, cross-border e-commerce and other businesses, and the settled enterprises also enjoy the construction of factories. , all kinds of living service facilities and many other convenient conditions.

  [Concurrent] Zhao Cheng, Chairman of a Food Technology Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang

  The main reason for settling here is that there are many advantages, among which the cost advantage is more prominent.

(Now) we have also received some orders for European bags from Central Asian countries. Lieba soft bags and hard bags are currently in orderly production. If everything goes well, the first batch of goods will be organized at the end of July. planned exports to several countries in Central Asia.

  [Concurrent] Fu Binghai, Logistics Director of an International Trade Co., Ltd. in Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone

  The main modes of transportation we mainly use air transportation and railway transportation.

This year we have developed two more logistics products.

One is the "two-week delivery" international express line from Kashgar to Moscow, Russia, and the other is the "one-week delivery" express line from Kashgar to Pakistan and Bishkek.

These two routes are full truck transportation, and they are also dedicated to serving our cross-border e-commerce goods, especially the goods that cannot be boarded but have particularly high requirements on timeliness.

  [Explanation] As an important part of the Kashgar Economic Development Zone (referred to as Kashgar Special Zone), the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Area is the only special customs supervision area in southern Xinjiang, and enjoys the superposition of the special policies of the Kashgar Special Zone, the aid support policies, and the special customs supervision area policies. , with bonded warehousing, bonded processing, international transit, international procurement, international distribution, international distribution, inspection and maintenance, bonded exhibition and other functions.

  [Explanation] In order to ensure the high-quality development of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone, the Customs of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone has optimized the work process and adopted 24-hour customs clearance appointments, priority inspections, and one-time operations to improve the speed of customs clearance; continue to promote the simplification of management models and the facilitation of goods circulation, and implement The “7×24” hourly independent entry and exit mode of released goods improves the efficiency of goods entering and exiting the area.

  [Concurrent] Zhang Jun, Chief of the Comprehensive Business Section of the Comprehensive Business Office of Kashgar Customs

  In the next step, we will further strengthen supervision and optimization services, fully release various reform dividends, and promote high-level opening and high-quality development of the Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Zone.

  [Explanation] Kashgar Comprehensive Bonded Area is the second comprehensive bond area in Xinjiang and the first in southern Xinjiang. It integrates railway ports, highway ports and air ports.

At present, there are 226 enterprises in the bonded zone, including 25 processing and production enterprises.

The 1.5-hour aviation economic circle covers the capitals or major economic cities of eight countries including Pakistan and Tajikistan, and has the unique advantage of conducting cross-border trade with countries along the “Belt and Road”.

  Yang Tao and Li Mingfei report from Kashgar, Xinjiang

Responsible editor: [Liu Xian]