Due to a strike by Spanish cabin crew at the two low-cost airlines Easyjet and Ryanair, 15 flights to and from Spain were canceled on Saturday.

There were delays on 175 other flights to Spain, the unions said.

Ryanair is said to be on strike for another twelve days.

Five Easyjet flights and ten Ryanair flights were canceled by Saturday noon.

According to the Spanish trade union USO, work at Ryanair is to be stopped three more times for four days each at the ten Spanish airports served by the Irish airline.

The strike will therefore be from July 12th to 15th, from July 18th to 21st and from July 25th to 28th.

At the Easyjet airline in Spain, almost 450 flight attendants have been called on to go on strike this weekend, as well as from July 15th to 18th and from July 29th to 31st.

They demand the same working conditions as for Easyjet employees in other EU countries.

At Ryanair, the strike began on June 24.

The workers are demanding better working conditions for the 1,900 Spanish cabin crew members.

According to the Irish company, it brings the most passengers to Spain and offers “more than 650 connections” from 27 Spanish airports.

A wage increase of eight percent and one-off payments were agreed for Easyjet employees in Germany on Wednesday.