Updated Thursday, June 30, 2022-13:20

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The average price of

fuel in Spain

has had an uneven behavior in recent days as gasoline

has fallen after nine weeks on the rise

while diesel has continued to rise for the fourth consecutive week and has set a

new historical record

above 2 .10 euros per litre.

According to data from the European Union Petroleum Bulletin, compared to a year ago, without taking into account

the discount of 20 cents

, gasoline is 53.9% more expensive and diesel 68.5%.

The foreseeable thing is that they

could go down in the coming weeks

since Brent is trading at 115 dollars per barrel below the more than 120 reached in previous weeks.

Diesel price map 2022 (interactive) JUAN C. SÁNCHEZ ROCHA

Specifically, the

average price of gasoline

this week in Spain is 2.129 euros per liter, which represents a

decrease of 0.61%

compared to the 2.142 euros of the previous week.

Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine it has risen 33.7%.

For its part,

that of diesel is 2,101 euros per liter,

1.16% higher than the 2,077 euros of the last reference.

In his case, the rise since the end of February is 42.1%.

Gasoline price map 2022 (interactive) JUAN C. SÁNCHEZ ROCHA

With the


of the last week, filling a 55-liter tank of gasoline costs 117.10 euros,

71 cents less

than the previous week, while a tank of a diesel vehicle entails

an expense of 115.56 euros

, one euro and 32 cents more than in the last reference.



price of gasoline in Spain remains above the average for the euro zone, where the retail price of a liter of gasoline

was set at 2,072 euros per liter

and that of diesel too, since it was 2,087 euros.

It is also higher than the average of

the EU countries,

which stands at 2,016 euros per liter for gasoline and 2,036 for diesel.

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