As the global demand for storage batteries increases due to the electrification of cars, the council made up of domestic battery manufacturers says that it is necessary to further enhance competitiveness for a stable supply in the future, and the government will exceed 3 trillion yen. I will ask for help.

More than 100 companies related to storage batteries, such as Panasonic Energy, Sumitomo Metal Mining, and Toyota Motor Corporation, participated in this council, and presented their requests to the government at a general meeting held in Tokyo on the 30th.

Under these circumstances, as the demand for storage batteries increases worldwide due to the electrification of cars, it is necessary to expand the manufacturing capacity several tens of times in order for Japanese manufacturers to be able to stably supply storage batteries in the future. It is said that.

On top of that, he said that a large amount of funds would be required to develop a factory with high production capacity and to acquire interests in a rare metal mine, which is a raw material. is.

Japanese manufacturers once had a high share of lithium-ion batteries for automobiles, but recently Chinese and Korean manufacturers are emerging.

The Japanese government is also supporting manufacturers, but China, South Korea, and the United States are making efforts to strengthen their competitiveness nationwide, such as by contributing a large amount of subsidies to the construction of factories.

Isao Abe, chairman of the council, said, "Japanese manufacturers are now lagging behind their overseas rivals, but I think they will start to make a comeback."