Focusing on the main line of humanization and refinement, focusing on the real needs of customers, and combining with business characteristics, Qianhai Life Insurance has continued to upgrade value-added services in recent years, creating a service system with Qianhai characteristics, comprehensive coverage of insurance protection scenarios, and protecting customers' good life.

  After 10 years of development, Qianhai Life Insurance has established a value-added service system covering health management, elderly care services, education and other dimensions.

Among them, the health management service, through the effective integration of high-quality health service resources at home and abroad, covers the scenarios before, during and after the diagnosis, and provides customers with humanized and refined high-quality services.

Health management services cover pre-diagnosis, during-diagnosis and post-diagnosis scenarios

  In 2022, on the basis of domestic medical care, overseas medical care, exclusive rights and interests of elderly care communities, overseas education, customer care and other special services, Qianhai Life Insurance will add "telephone doctor", "online consultation" and "home care" to its value-added services. category, is committed to providing customers with full-cycle health management services covering pre-diagnosis, during-diagnosis and post-diagnosis scenarios, and conducts rights feedback, health lectures and other activities from time to time to further meet the needs of customers.

  It is understood that the newly launched "Phone Doctor/Online Consultation" service is open to all customers of Qianhai Life Insurance, focusing on enhancing the sense of customer acquisition.

After the upgrade, customers can obtain full-time telephone or 7×12h online consultation services provided by general practitioners without leaving home through the WeChat public account of “Qianhai Life Insurance”.

  Qianhai Life's "Phone Doctor/Online Consultation" service is supported by more than 200 partner hospitals and more than 50,000 on-the-job registered doctors, covering 18 key departments.

The phone is connected within 30 seconds, and the response rate is 98% within 3 minutes. Doctors respond efficiently. Customers can consult daily health care, disease prevention, sub-health, chronic disease management, medical guidance and other issues anytime, anywhere, and there is no limit on the number of times.

  The "door-to-door nursing" service launched simultaneously is closely linked with Qianhai Life's critical illness products. Eligible Qianhai Life's critical illness customers can receive one-to-one professional care services that are indistinguishable from hospitals, such as door-to-door injections and venous blood collection. , pressure ulcer care, wound dressing change, surgical suture removal, PICC care, post-PCI care, etc.

At present, the "Home Nursing" service has covered 31 provincial-level regions across the country, over 600 cities, and 1,500 cooperative hospitals.

  At the same time, Qianhai Life Insurance will also carry out rights and interests feedback activities from time to time, and carry out special medical examinations and dental cleaning rights feedback in conjunction with festivals; through online and offline health lectures, experts from its hospitals are invited to teach health topics and answer customers' concerns. health problems.

Relying on advantageous resources to create a new HECP model

  In recent years, the "insurance + medical + pension" ecosystem of Qianhai Life Insurance has been continuously expanded. It is supported by cooperative hospitals outside, and supported by self-built and self-operated hospitals and health care communities. The strong comprehensive service capabilities of insurance, medical care and pension have already Become the core competitiveness of Qianhai Life.

  After years of hard work, Qianhai Life's tertiary general hospitals, specialized hospitals and high-end health care communities under construction have covered Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Nanning, Chengdu, Shaoguan and other provincial capitals and regional central cities.

Among them, Qianhai Life Insurance's Happy Home Shenzhen Kangyang Community, Qianhai Life Insurance Guangzhou General Hospital, Qianhai Life Insurance Guangxi Hospital, Happy Home Guangxi Kangyang Community and other already opened integrated medical and health care hospitals and health care communities rely on the The high-quality service level has been highly recognized by customers and is well-known in the region.

  In order to better bring the "insurance + medical + pension" new insurance service to thousands of households, Qianhai Life Insurance recently launched the HECP (Health and Elderly Care Planner) project to build a professional team to integrate the company's high-quality medical care resources to provide customers with one-stop professional service solutions for medical care, pension, and wealth planning.

  In the future, Qianhai Life will always adhere to "customer-centric", meet the people's needs for high-quality wealth planning, risk planning and medical and elderly care services, explore new paths for high-quality development of life insurance, and serve the overall economic and social development.