Kikkoman, a major food manufacturer, has decided to raise the price of mirin and sauce from October in response to rising raw material prices.

The price increase of mirin is the first time in about 30 years.

According to the announcement, about 90% of the mirin and cooking liquor manufactured by the subsidiary and about 70% of the sauce for grilled meat will be delivered on October 1st. We will raise the price from the minute.

The range of price increases is the suggested retail price.

▽ Mirin and cooking liquor are about 4% to 11%,

▽ Sauces are about 5% to 10%,

▽ Mirin with 1 liter of main product

 is 50 including tax. It will be raised by about a yen.

The price increase of mirin is the first time in about 30 years since March 1992.

About the reason At the company, in addition to the rising prices of raw materials such as corn and alcohol, which are the sources of sugar used for mirin and sauce, distribution costs are rising due to the effects of high crude oil prices, and the cost is increased only by our own efforts. It is because it can no longer be absorbed, and the price increase of things that are familiar to the table is spreading further.