More ATMs than usual should temporarily not spit out any money in the coming days: the Verdi union has called on money messengers nationwide to go on warning strikes, which would otherwise fill the machines with cash.

"The warning strikes will take place between Friday, July 1 and Tuesday, July 5, 2022 - depending on the region and company," the union announced on Thursday evening.

"Citizens should therefore stock up on sufficient cash as a precaution."

In the third round of negotiations for around 11,000 employees in the money and security industry, both sides parted on Thursday night without a result.

"Employers are still a long way from our demands and the needs of the employees," said Verdi negotiator Sonja Austermühle on Thursday.

"That's why we will now increase the pressure with warning strikes."

Depending on the region and service, Verdi is calling for an increase in hourly wages to between EUR 16.19 and EUR 20.60.

The union wants to push through eleven percent higher wages and salaries for company employees.

According to their own information, the employers on Wednesday offered "effective hourly basic wage increases" of between 10.75 and 13.7 percent, depending on the region, in two steps over a period of 22 months.

"Although the employers have responded to the demands for a significant increase for all employees and additional harmonization between the federal states with this offer, the trade union side also rejected this new offer without a counter-proposal for an approximation," said the negotiator for the Federal Association of Germans Money and value services, Hans-Jörg Hisam, with.

The fourth round of negotiations is therefore scheduled for next Wednesday.