As summer sets in, drinking a good beer – in moderation, it goes without saying – can cost more or less depending on where you are: in Europe alone, the average price of a local beer can vary from simple… to quadruple!

9 euros in Oslo, 6 in Paris… and 2 in Lisbon!

In this regard, Scandinavian cities are among the most expensive in the world: in Oslo, Norway, for example, you have to pay between 8 and 9 euros to drink a 0.5 liter beer in a bar or restaurant.

In supermarkets, the note is also rather salty, since a half-liter bottle costs on average a little more than 3 euros… For comparison, the most expensive city in France, Paris, displays an average price 6 euros in a drinking establishment and a little less than 2 euros in stores.

An evening at the bar is much cheaper in Berlin, the German capital, where a pint costs on average 4 euros.

But the most advantageous prices are to be found in the south and east of the continent: in Madrid, a 0.5 liter beer on the terrace costs on average 3 euros and the price even drops to around 2 euros in Lisbon and Prague. .


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