The number of goods within its electronic platform has increased to 120,000

Sharjah Coop intends to increase the number of its outlets to 50 and develop its electronic platform

The number of participants in the loyalty program "Tawuniyati" reached 200,000 in a year.

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Sharjah Cooperative stated that it is currently working on implementing new expansion and development plans that include raising the number of its outlets to 50 outlets by the end of 2022, and developing the cooperative's smart application and e-commerce platform, as well as its own brands.

She revealed to "Emirates Today" during a press interview yesterday, that it has raised the number of goods and their categories on the electronic platform and the smart application to reach 120,000, and intends to increase it to 200,000 during the second half of this year.

Food Safety

The CEO of "Sharjah Cooperative", Majid Salem Al-Junaid, said that "the cooperative" has recently won the "BRCGS" food safety award in the retail sector category at the level of the Gulf countries, pointing to the global standard for food safety, which is recognized by the “Global Food Safety Initiative”, which means that granting the certificate helps in strengthening the presence in the main markets, or entering new main markets.

He added that the advantages of obtaining an award related to the food safety standard include granting new opportunities for business activities, and improving the ability to work with several institutions that require obtaining the certificate, as an obligation or a contractual condition.

Al-Junaid added that the branch of Al-Rahmaniya Commercial Center serves the people of Al-Rahmaniya area and its suburbs, and the residents of the neighboring areas, such as Al-Suyoh, Al-Ateen, Al-Saja’a, Al-Zubair, Al-Qarayen, and Al-Nouf.

expansion and development

In turn, the Director of Community Relations at Sharjah Cooperative, Faisal Khaled Al Naboodah, said that the cooperative is working to implement new expansion and development plans in the retail sector, which include raising the number of sales outlets from 47 outlets currently to 50 outlets before the end of this year. To keep pace with the growth of consumer demand and population growth.

He added that the plans also include the e-commerce platform and the smart application of the cooperative, where the "cooperative" has recently increased the number of categories of goods covered from 90,000 commodities to 120,000 commodities, at a time when it is currently preparing to raise the number to 200,000 commodities during the second half of this year.

He pointed out that the development plans include its own brands, pointing out that the total number of consumers participating in the loyalty program of Tawuniya "My Tawuniya" finally reached 200,000 participants within just one year of launching the program.

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