On June 26, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between the Linyi Municipal Government and Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd. and the launching ceremony of the "Like Linyi Consumption Season" event was held in Linyi, Shandong.

Long An, Vice President of Kuaishou Technology, Zhang Jun, Vice President of Kuaishou Technology, Wang Lizhi, Vice President of Kuaishou Commercialization and other government and enterprise representatives attended the event.

  The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the Linyi Municipal Government and Kuaishou marks that the Kuaishou Hundred Cities series of activities jointly organized by Kuaishou and the local government officially entered Linyi, Shandong, the "capital of e-commerce". On the evening of the 26th, it was held in Linyi.

Nearly 100 founders and anchors of popular Kuaishou brands, including Sister Qing Essential Oil, Jiang He, Old Man Brewing, Sister Juan, Hu Yanxue, and Shen Ye, discussed with Kuaishou officials how Kuaishou brands can accelerate growth and realize business in Kuaishou ecosystem through marketing methods. long-term growth

Qiangqiang United Kuai Zan Linyi consumption season officially opened

  Linyi, Shandong is adjacent to Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei in the north and the Yangtze River Delta in the south. In recent years, relying on a solid business foundation, Linyi has vigorously developed new economic and new business formats, and has gradually become the largest short video live broadcast e-commerce base in the north.

Kuaishou is the country's leading content community and social platform, as well as a leading company in the field of live e-commerce. Therefore, this time Kuaishou and the Linyi Municipal Government have joined hands to further develop e-commerce industries, cultivate talents, and build excellent local brands. cooperation in various fields.

  Long An, vice president of Kuaishou Technology, recalled that as early as 2019, Kuaishou's first clothing industry belt in China landed in Linyi, attracting more than 600 professional Kuaishou e-commerce anchors to participate; in October 2021, in the first RCEP area (Shandong) ) at the Import Commodities Expo, the Kuaishou anchor and the Thai consul led the live broadcast, creating a good result of a single GMV of 30 million yuan.

This time, we signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Linyi and carried out a series of activities. Relying on Kuaishou's billion-level traffic and mature technical product capabilities, we will gather various resources such as enterprises and merchants in Linyi, Internet celebrities, etc., to empower the city's new business forms and shape the city's new Brand, a new measure to activate new urban consumption.

  At the same time, the Linyi Municipal Bureau of Commerce also released the theme, scene and specific content of the series of activities of "Praise Linyi Consumption Season". The relevant leaders of Linyi Municipal Government, Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce and Kuaishou representatives jointly launched the Kuaishou Linyi Consumption Season.

Kuaishou lays out the e-commerce capital, bursting new business possibilities

  At present, there are more than 15,000 professional Kuaishou e-commerce anchors active in Linyi, of which more than 300 anchors have more than one million fans; Linyi also has more than 20 Kuaishou base trading teams, with more than 15 Kuaishou e-commerce practitioners Thousands of people, and e-commerce service providers account for more than 25% of Kuaishou's national total; in recent years, Linyi has ranked first in the country in terms of sales volume in Kuaishou, and the number of products sold every day even exceeds that of Hangzhou and Guangzhou. The city of live e-commerce”.

  Wang Lizhi, vice president of Kuaishou commercialization, said that many excellent popular brands such as Jiangnan Impression (Xu Xiaomi), JR (Tao Zijia), and Youth Films have emerged in Linyi before. Kuaishou hopes to upgrade Linyi's more cost-effective and source-friendly products into China A true emerging brand.

  At present, the advantages of the Kuaishou platform such as traffic, content, and IP activities can be fully used by Linyi. Through centralized exposure and support policies, it can help local businesses in Linyi to achieve brand upgrades and empower the Linyi e-commerce industry; in addition, Kuaishou will also cooperate with professional e-commerce companies. The business service provider team provides resources such as operation training, anchor empowerment, supply chain construction, technology introduction, etc., to help Linyi live broadcast e-commerce base transform and upgrade, expand new business, and achieve sustainable development.

  Recently, Kuaishou released the "Quick Brand Support Plan". In 2022, it plans to support 500 Kuaishou brands from five aspects: traffic dividends, cold start benefits, product privileges, marketing activities, and exclusive services.

In terms of building an e-commerce service provider ecosystem, to provide service providers with new growth momentum, Kuaishou officially announced its investment in Linyi-based e-commerce service provider Yixin Select.

  In a business environment like Linyi, where there are more acquaintances in third- and fourth-tier cities, once a "fast brand" is successfully built, hundreds of brands can quickly replicate this success, starting from the brand and extending to the industry. Chain upgrade.

Therefore, in the fertile land of Kuaishou New Market, there are naturally countless local businesses in Linyi waiting for the opportunity of "fast brand" to break the circle, because "fast brand" is not only the policy of platform support under the impact of the epidemic, but also the business growth in emerging channels point.

  Kuaishou New Market, Landing "Quick Brand" in Linyi

  Building a "fast brand" requires the concerted efforts of regions, merchants, experts and platforms, especially the way of breaking the circle of regional brands, high-quality content and high-trust talents, and full-link integrated marketing programs to enhance the influence of the brand critical.

  In the "Fast Brand Becomes Popular Night", Kuaishou anchors in various fields collided with different viewpoints on how to create a "fast brand". He Dongdong, founder of Mengquan Beauty Brand, and Song Jian, director of Xu Xiaomi Jiangnan Impression Brand, also presented hundreds of peers at the scene. Shared new ideas in the industry to build fast brands.

  Compared with traditional e-commerce, live-streaming e-commerce is still developing at a high speed. With the blessing of 23 billion traffic dividends in live-streaming e-commerce, fast brands will definitely have stronger acceleration and room for growth.

With the "fast brand" as a link, Kuaishou can help Linyi merchants upgrade their good-quality products to emerging brands, extend private domain traffic and brand value; strengthen the trust relationship between users and merchants, and reduce users' consumption decision-making costs; this is not only a lot of ordinary Individual wealth creation paths also greatly shorten the time period for brand building.

  For a long time, Kuaishou has been committed to maximizing the integration of content with e-commerce and regional local characteristics; it is also leading merchants to use the support of the platform and scientific marketing methods to achieve deterministic large-scale growth.

It is understood that in the future, Kuaishou will help regional brands to build their own business positions on the platform in the future.

Because Kuaishou firmly believes that a good brand can support a larger e-commerce business.

  We have reason to believe that in the overall situation of the new market business, Kuaishou can join hands with the government to explore marketing advantages in public and private domains, product efficiency, sales and other aspects, and continue to deepen regional e-commerce business; with the help of platform traffic advantages and trust foundation, accelerate the development of "Fast Brand" to help local brands and the e-commerce industry achieve new development.