Noa Moussa 06:24, June 27, 2022

Some parents have already started shopping for back-to-school supplies for their children and found that the bill was higher at checkout.

The FCPE, the parents' association, has asked for an increase in the back-to-school allowance.

With rising energy, fuel and food prices, many families are already struggling to get by.

However, we will have to plan a larger budget for the back-to-school races this year.

"All that is notebook, sheet, pen, these products will increase on average by 15 to 20% and cumulated on a multitude of necessary supplies, it is in the end a very significant sum. A family which has a schoolboy has need around 500 to 600 euros", supports Éric Labastie, secretary general of the association of parents of students, the FCPE.

Large retailers want to absorb the rise in prices

For its part, large retailers ensure that they do their utmost to save families' wallets, in particular by cutting back on their margins.

"We will not have increases of 40% on calculators, we will not have inflation of 20% on our notebooks", insists Alexandra, responsible for "school children" for the Auchan brand.


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“There is a shortage on paper, but we are very clearly managing to contain this inflation on everything that is double copies which are still very structuring in the basket of the school list”, adds Alexandra Loonis.

INSEE predicts inflation of 6.8% by the end of the year

Distributors could find it difficult to contain rising costs in the coming months since INSEE forecasts inflation of 6.8% by the end of the year.