Galloping inflation weakens the households most in difficulty.

Against the backdrop of a troubled geopolitical context due to the conflict in Ukraine, it should reach an average of 5.5% in 2022. Guest of BFMTV, the Minister of the Economy announced measures related to housing in order to limit the damage of this increase prices.

“Rents will be frozen.

We will not be able to exceed +3.5%, whereas if we look at the levels of inflation, we could have +4, +5, +6%”, declared Bruno Le Maire, revealing the contours of the "close rents" concocted by the government.

The upgraded APLs

"We must protect our compatriots who are the most fragile", assured the minister, stressing that this 3.5% was a "compromise" and that the government had taken into account the "interests of everyone".

Normally, landlords can increase their tenant's rent each year, indexed to inflation.

Consumer associations were asking for a rent freeze.

The Minister of the Economy also announced a revaluation of the APL – an issue which had caused a tidal wave in the opposition during the first term of Emmanuel Macron.

This housing aid will be increased by 3.5%, at a cost of 168 million euros for the State.


Housing: The government wants to cap the increase in rents at 3.5% for one year


Housing: The government is testing the ground in the face of rising rents

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