Zhongxin Finance, June 26. According to the public account of "Shanghai Release", on the 26th, a press conference on Shanghai's epidemic prevention and control work announced that

since June 29th, Shanghai will have no medium-risk areas within its jurisdiction and there will be no medium-risk areas within its jurisdiction within the past week. In the streets and towns affected by the social epidemic, restaurants and dine-in restaurants are allowed to be opened in an orderly manner.

The specific area for resumption of dine-in dining will be determined by the district governments after comprehensive assessment of the epidemic prevention and control situation.

  The Municipal Commission of Commerce instructed industry associations to issue the "Guidelines for Epidemic Prevention and Control of the City's Catering Service Industry Resuming Business and Market Resumption" (third edition), and clarified six requirements for catering enterprises to carry out dine-in:

  The first is to implement the record management of dine-in service.

Catering enterprises report to the district prevention and control office for the record, and after inspection and evaluation by the relevant regulatory authorities, they can resume dine-in.

  The second is

to implement dine-in current limit management


According to the area of ​​the restaurant, expand the distance between tables, control the number of people dining, and implement separate and staggered seating.

  The third is to implement disinfection management.

Before resuming dine-in meals, conduct a comprehensive preventive disinfection of the business premises. In daily operations, after each table of customers has finished eating and left, the tables, chairs and tableware should be cleaned and disinfected in time.

  Fourth, do a good job in admission management.

Place a site code or "digital sentinel" at the entrance to the business site.

Customers should wear masks scientifically, scan the site code or "digital sentinel" (must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours), and have no abnormal body temperature (<37.3 ℃) before entering the store.

  Fifth, advocate the new fashion of catering.

Do a good job of dine-in service in accordance with the "Shanghai Service Specifications for Public Chopsticks, Spoons and Separate Meal System",

encourage the implementation of the catering table length system, and the dining time is generally controlled at about 1.5 hours


  Sixth, strengthen daily supervision.

All districts should combine the resumption of dine-in and rely on the big data platform to accelerate the digital governance of the catering industry, and connect the health management platform of the catering industry employees, the venue code or "digital sentinel" monitoring platform, and the food safety classification management platform of catering enterprises to the urban transportation of each district. Center, to achieve "one network unified management".