Let's start with the breaking news of plagiarism of a thesis by Seoul National University's artificial intelligence research team.

Seoul National University has decided to start an investigation on the truthfulness of research from tomorrow (27th) at the president's authority.

In addition, the son of Minister of Science and ICT Lee Jong-ho was confirmed as one of the co-authors of the thesis.

Reporter Jung Jun-ho reports.


One day after the fact that the artificial intelligence research team of Seoul National University was known for plagiarism, Seoul National University announced that it would start an investigation today.

A Seoul National University official said, "With the president's authority, we will urgently start the research integrity investigation committee from tomorrow." "An intensive investigation will be conducted."

Seoul National University plans to check the circumstances of the plagiarism against the first author, Mo Kim, who led the plagiarism, as well as the co-author and corresponding author, Professor Yun Seong-ro.

Among these, it was confirmed that the son of Minister of Science, Technology and Information and Communication Lee Jong-ho was included among the co-authors of the paper.

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Minister Lee is a former professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Seoul National University, and his son also entered the same department in 2014 and is currently undergoing an integrated master's and doctoral course.

The corresponding author, Professor Yun Seong-ro, said, "The first author did not directly cite the writings of the co-authors, but later confirmed that he was citing other papers."

This thesis was written with the budget of the National Research Foundation of Korea and the Information and Communication Planning and Evaluation Institute (IITP), which are affiliated with the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Minister Lee Jong-ho said in a phone call with SBS, "I have no intention of getting involved in the investigation."

CVPR, a conference where plagiarism papers were submitted, is considered the world's highest authority in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At a conference held in the United States from the 19th to the 24th, the research paper of the Seoul National University research team was selected as an excellent presentation paper.

However, immediately after the announcement, a video accusing the plagiarism of thesis plagiarism was uploaded to YouTube, and it was revealed that about 10 papers were copied from Berkeley in the US and Oxford University in the UK.

(Video editing: Hwang Ji-young)