To customize a washing machine, users only need to open the APP and put forward personalized customization requirements, and designers can design and combine modules on the system platform and customize solutions; then, coordinate internal and external design, manufacturing, operation and maintenance, and supply. Chain and other resources, the factory automatically schedules production; the application of AI+5G technology can also realize the digital visualization of the entire production process; during use, the user can remotely upgrade the washing machine program, and if a fault is found, the staff can also perform remote diagnosis and remote service. ... at the Casarte Connected Factory, this is already a reality.

  The latest data shows that the cumulative amount of orders placed on the Jingdong platform "618" reached 379.3 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 10.3% and a new high.

Haier Zhijia performed well.

In 2021, despite the weak cycle of the industry, Haier's high-end home appliance brand Casarte still achieved a 40% revenue growth.

This is due not only to the insight into the new needs of users, its own technology accumulation, but also to the general trend of consumption upgrades.

  From smart home to domestic beauty products, they are all related to "new consumption".

This is based on the new digital technology of the Internet, the integration of online and offline, and the continuous formation of physical consumption and service consumption demand centered on consumer experience.

Under the epidemic, how did new consumption perform?

What is its future development trend?

The reporter interviewed relevant industry insiders.

Differentiated positioning, innovative product development, new opportunities for domestic products

  "Peach color between porcelain, spring on the lips." On the lipstick paste wrapped in warm white porcelain, the process map of Chinese porcelain art is depicted with relief technology. The Hualu Linglong ceramic lipstick created by the domestic brand Huaxizi has recently attracted much attention.

  "In the past, some make-up brands have tried to use porcelain as product packaging material, but they have never been as delicate as lipsticks." The relevant person in charge of the brand department of Huaxizi told reporters, because the subtle differences in batches of clay and furnace temperature will cause The size of the fired products is difficult to match, and the high elimination rate makes mass production very difficult. The product team and Jingdezhen ceramic manufacturers repeatedly tried to overcome this problem.

  Pink glaze, Langyao red, Meiren Ji, Mo Hongying, makeup, concentric locks, garden Xuan windows, Bainiao Chaofeng... From the naming to the appearance of the product, it is not difficult to find that Huaxizi has learned a lot from traditional Chinese culture. nutrient.

China's characteristic plant resources are regarded by the domestic cosmetics industry as an opportunity for overtaking in corners.

"Our brand positioning is 'Oriental makeup, using flowers to nourish makeup', and there are certain differences from Western brands in terms of raw material application, product formulation and technical system." The person in charge introduced that the popular powder is With the addition of peach blossoms, the Dai nationality impression series has added the characteristic flower resources of the Dai nationality, and the formula uses the concept of traditional Chinese medicine "monarch, minister and assistant".

  The development of Huaxizi benefits not only from the rise of webcasting, but also from the opportunities given by the times.

From 2016 to 2017, a number of new consumer brands emerged in China. In addition to Huaxizi in the cosmetics category, there are also the vitality forest in the beverage category and the three and a half in the freeze-dried coffee category.

After several years of accumulation, it will usher in a development peak around 2020.

  "Slow development, fast iteration" is Huaxizi's R&D strategy.

After the product is launched, it is followed by collecting feedback through consumer research, recruitment of experience officers, and blind product testing to continuously iterate the category.

Take the eyebrow chalk as an example, it can not only outline the sharp outline of the eyebrows, but also fill in the color to achieve a misty makeup.

This is the feedback from consumers.

After the launch, in order to further meet different needs, the eyebrow chalk has iterated 8 versions.

  As long as consumers have needs, there will naturally be business opportunities.

In 2021 "Double Eleven", Huaxizi launched a lip glaze product "lip gauze", the main selling point is color retention, not easy to stick to the cup.

This product actually originated from the appeal of consumers under the epidemic - "Can you make a lip makeup product that will not stick to the mask?"

  "We hope to develop steadily and do a good job of each product. If we want the product to be able to 'play' and realize the long-term popularity of the brand, we must invest in research and development." The person in charge said.

  In March this year, Huaxizi announced that it will invest more than 1 billion yuan in the next five years to build a comprehensive and technologically advanced oriental beauty research and development system.

Li Huiliang, its chief scientist and developer of Liushen Toilet Water, said: "In China, 'face like a peach blossom' and 'ruddy complexion' are often used to describe the beauty of women. One of the research topics, constantly exploring innovative product development.”

Offline traditional consumption "survive in adversity", do enough to optimize local resources

  Blue sea and blue sky, green grass...Located on the romantic line of coastal tourism, with the China Construction Engineering Luban Award, Xiamen Tefang Portman Seven Star Bay Resort covers high-end resort hotels, apartment hotels, French-style towns and French-style gardens The hotel group is the local Internet celebrity check-in place.

  "The hotel has the largest single French-style building in the country. The overall design style of the newly opened Ruihai Hotel is inspired by the French Riviera style, completing the final piece of the project layout." Vice President of Xiamen Tefang Portman Seven Star Bay Hotel Manager Wu Jiamu said.

  Affected by the epidemic, the flow of inter-provincial tourists has declined, and the hotel's tourists are mainly concentrated in the local and surrounding groups, mostly two days and one night.

In the past two years, the “hotel-style vacation” way of choosing a resort-type hotel as a destination and enjoying one-stop consumption of food, lodging and play has gradually become popular.

  "In order to adapt to market changes, we have made great efforts in content planning and service quality. Through a series of theme activity planning, we hope to give guests a good holiday experience at all times." Wu Jiamu said that during the Spring Festival this year, the hotel created a snow scene. , planned the theme event of "Snowy Fairytale Town, Meet Winter Romance"; in May, the main "Parent-Child Music Festival", integrating camping, market, concerts, music enlightenment courses, etc.; "German Beer Festival" in June. , providing high-quality craft beer, German meals, live interaction, etc.

  "Doing enough and optimizing local resources" is a new issue facing the hotel industry under the epidemic.

Wu Jiamu realized: "For tourists from other places to travel here, the hotel only needs to meet the needs of food and accommodation, and more time will go to the scenic spots. Why do local customers choose to come to the hotel for vacation? There must be something special. This To test our operations team, content must be designed to enhance the resort experience for local guests.”

  Green space, beach, sunset, one tent, one side of the sky, become the "poetry and distance" in the hearts of children.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday that just passed, "bringing children to the hotel for camping" has become a new choice for many parents.

The relevant person in charge of Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism said that through the promotion of "camping +" services, while advocating civilized camping and cultivating a high-quality camping and leisure tourism market, it will also promote the city's hotels to further improve the utilization rate of inherent resources and more effectively Stimulate cultural tourism consumption.

Ctrip data shows that in Xiamen, the platform's parent-child hotel orders during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday increased by 72% compared with this year's Qingming holiday, and the number of local orders increased by 67% compared with the Qingming holiday. The recovery of local tourism is more obvious.

  "The hotel does not lack room resources, but our natural scenery is indeed very suitable for camping. I hope that guests can get the current popular vacation experience in such an environment. Institutional cooperation to provide venues and services to attract passengers, such as launching "themed picnic baskets" and "portable afternoon tea" and other meals; on the other hand, incorporating camping into content planning activities, such as selling places for parent-child markets, etc. A variety of "camping +" activities to further enrich the theme of hotel vacation content.

Product competitiveness stems from insight into user needs and accumulation of core technologies

  During the "618" period, the turnover of self-cleaning sweeping robots increased by 500% year-on-year, and the turnover of dryers increased by 310%. Smart toilets and gaming chairs have become the "three new items" for many families.

  "2022 Tmall 618 New Consumption Trends" shows that intelligence has become one of the consumption trends of contemporary young people.

People's home life consumption is no longer just basic clothing, food, housing and transportation, but has extended to higher-quality life scenarios and a healthier and more comfortable life experience.

In the current consumption environment, product competitiveness comes from insights into user needs and the accumulation of core technologies. It is foreseeable that such products will shine in future consumption scenarios.

  The Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics has conducted a survey on the development status and existing problems of the new consumption model.

The research report believes that the new consumption model has changed the behavior of consumers and is more in line with the current consumption concept of consumers focusing on service and experience; it highlights the trend of consumption upgrading and becomes the core driving force for the development of new consumption; it has become a new engine to stimulate domestic demand. The demand for contactless shopping and online training has risen, making the online economy a good substitute for the offline economy.

  The person in charge of the Trade and Foreign Economics Department of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics said that the introduction of new consumption policies focusing on new consumption will help accelerate the recovery of consumption, and is of great significance to expanding domestic demand and giving full play to the role of consumption in economic growth.

  Some research institutions pointed out that the rapid rise of new consumption needs to find new power points in the red and blue ocean market to open up "new fields", use new marketing methods to shape and transmit brand power and brand stories, and incubate and breed "new brands". Fully tap the needs of the crowd and accurately locate the potential "new crowd".

  As the post-90s and post-95s gradually become the main force of consumption, the Chinese consumer market has entered an era of refinement and personalization, and the consumer market is no longer dominated by the top brands.

In recent years, a large number of phenomenon-level new brands in the consumer field such as Xiaoxian Stew and Wang Satuan have quietly become popular and performed well.

At the same time, the sinking market is also showing great consumption potential, nurturing and witnessing the birth and development of a large number of new brands.

  Industry insiders revealed that in the past, the common "formula" for building a "new consumer brand" was: first, spread 5,000 KOC (strong consumers who can influence others) evaluations on online platforms such as Xiaohongshu and Zhihu; KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders who can give advice to others) post "planting grass"; finally, the anchors with the goods at the head will organize the channels for the anchors in the middle and waist.

  Today, in the ever-changing market environment, this set of "combination punches" is no longer brilliant.

Many new consumer formats took advantage of the situation to become famous in the first battle, but they were rarely polished and innovated, and it was difficult to create unique highlights that attracted the public, and they were short-lived in the end.

  Regarding the problems of new consumption, the relevant report of the Shaanxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics pointed out that: First, it is too dependent on the Internet, and it is difficult to build a brand under the traffic model.

Second, there are hidden concerns about the quality of online shopping, and it is difficult to protect rights after sale.

Third, the effect of online services needs to be improved, and service consumption needs to be expanded and improved.

Fourth, the measures to promote the development of new consumption are insufficient, and there is a lack of high-quality supply products.

  In the era of personalization, people's needs for their own emotions and commodity materials show a trend of differentiation.

In this context, it is the key to the development of new consumption to vigorously solve the contradictions of "there is demand, lack of supply" and "there is product but no brand" with high-quality supply.

There is still huge room for China to expand consumption, and online consumption has an obvious effect

  my country has become the world's second largest commodity consumption market; residents' consumption has shifted from commodity consumption to both commodity and service consumption; last year, the online retail sales of physical commodities reached 10.8 trillion, ranking first in the world... Deputy Ministry of Commerce Changsheng Qiuping recently stated that since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country's consumption scale has steadily expanded, the structure has continued to upgrade, and the model has continued to innovate.

  In the "troika" driving GDP growth, consumption has become the main engine of steady growth.

Su Jian, a professor at the School of Economics of Peking University and director of the National Economic Research Center of Peking University, believes that there is still huge room for China to expand consumption, and it is a very promising direction for China's economy to stabilize the market.

  "In 2021, China's per capita GDP will exceed 12,000 US dollars, which is less than 1/6 of that of the United States. If the living standard of ordinary people reaches the same level as the United States, it means that China still has at least 50,000 US dollars per capita consumption space to expand." Su Jian told Reporter: "China's consumption accounts for about 50% of GDP, while the United States exceeds 70%. If it is calculated from per capita income and per capita consumption, there may be more room for improvement."

  Regarding new consumption, Su Jian believes: "In terms of product content, it is not much different from the past. Its characteristic is that with the introduction of the digital economy, some inherent business models in the consumption field have changed, allowing offline consumption to expand online. , consumers can buy the goods they need without leaving home, which is more convenient.”

  "The characteristics of this new round of consumption are more people-centered, which enhances the sense of experience, satisfaction and happiness of consumption." Liang Haiming, president of the Silk Road Zhigu Research Institute, believes that with the improvement of living standards, everyone The consumption mentality of consumers began to change from focusing on "owning" to focusing on "feeling", and they are more willing to spend money on "experience".

  According to Su Jian’s observation, new consumption has brought about at least two changes: one is the creation of new jobs such as takeaway riders, couriers, and platform drivers based on reliance on online consumption; the other is the wide application of online commenting functions , solves the problem of traditional consumption information asymmetry, and forms supervision over merchants, which is conducive to forcing the industry to improve the quality of products and services and establish good credit.

  In recent years, under the influence of the epidemic, offline consumption channels have been blocked, and online consumption demand has become prominent, which has a relatively obvious role in driving the growth of the consumer market.

The latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics shows that from January to May this year, the online retail sales of physical goods reached 4,271.8 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.6%, accounting for 24.9% of the total retail sales of consumer goods. Online consumption has become the focus of promoting consumption.

  "Online consumption is taking off again. Compared with traditional e-commerce, social e-commerce is growing faster." According to Liang Haiming's observation, the biggest difference between the two is that traditional e-commerce is defined by the platform. E-commerce uses social media such as WeChat groups and Douyin, and brands can not only break out, but also form consumer stickiness.

  Some studies have shown that the stimulating effect of electronic consumer coupons on the economy is twice that of direct cash distribution.

Liang Haiming said that electronic consumer coupons have achieved remarkable results in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Hainan and other places, and the next step in the upgrade of new consumption areas may be promoted.

On the one hand, it can make consumer coupons form real purchasing power as soon as possible, and heat up the new consumer market; on the other hand, it can help some industries to overcome difficulties and survive and develop, and also open up more possibilities for the development of the digital economy.

  Despite the impact of the epidemic, the long-term positive trend of consumption in my country has not changed, and the trend of digitalization, quality and personalization of consumption has not changed.

Liang Haiming suggested that for new consumer companies, in addition to focusing on innovative research and development and strengthening refined operations, they should also focus on developing social e-commerce platforms to find more new customers.

"As long as this type of word-of-mouth marketing finds the right customer base for good products, the sales scope will not only be limited to China, but also go to the world, providing greater opportunities for enterprise development."

  "China has a huge consumer group with abundant demand, and it is expected that major brands will be one step ahead in demand insight and product research and development." The relevant person in charge of the brand department of Huaxizi believes that there have been two major changes in the consumption field in recent years. Brand awareness has improved. Second, the Chinese consumer market is gradually leading the world.

  Our reporter Guan Xiaopu