[Explanation] Located 7 kilometers southeast of She County, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, in the hinterland of the valley on the south bank of the Xin'an River, there is a small village named "fishing village".

On June 23, Lu Lingzhi, who was born in 1992, started to use the Internet to sell bonsai after taking care of his bonsai as usual.

After working in Shanghai for many years, he resolutely returned to the countryside from the city a few years ago because of the flourishing of flowers in his hometown, and worked with his family to manage bonsai.

  [Same period] Lv Lingzhi, a villager in Huahua Fishing Village, She County, Huangshan City

  I used to work in Shanghai for more than ten years, and then I always wanted to go home. My ancestors have been making bonsai for generations. One came back to make bonsai, and the other was because my father was getting older. (I want to) learn bonsai. Young, learn faster.

  [Explanation] In 2018, Lv Lingzhi left the bustling metropolis and returned to his hometown to learn bonsai planting with the elders in the village. Due to the familiarity with his eyes and ears since he was a child, he mastered most of the bonsai planting techniques in less than a year.

Having lived in a big city, he believes that it is better to take the initiative to "wait" for business in the village, so he uses the Internet to sell bonsai.

  [Same period] Lv Lingzhi, a villager in Huahua Fishing Village, She County, Huangshan City

  Because the transportation in our mountain village was not very convenient at that time, we always picked a load to go there and then sold it, which was very inconvenient. It is much more convenient now, but they (foreign merchants) have a long journey, and it is not convenient to come here, as it is now The Internet is developed, and after checking and placing an order (on the Internet), we can ship it directly to him.

  [Explanation] At present, Lv Lingzhi sells bonsai from flower-selling fishing villages to all parts of the country through a combination of online and offline methods, with an annual income of about 200,000 yuan (the same below).

Like Lu Lingzhi, there is also Hong Yu who sells bonsai online. She is a secondary school teacher. She uses weekends and spare time to sell bonsai live with friends. The monthly sales are more than 20,000 yuan.

She hopes to drive online sales of flower-selling fishing village bonsai through her own efforts.

  [Same period] Hong Yu, a villager of Huahua Fishing Village, She County, Huangshan City

  Our flower fishing village has a history of thousands of years. From ancient times to the present, the sales model of our flower fishing village is a traditional way of waiting for customers to come to choose goods. With the development of the era of big data, our young people have In the way of young people, we hope to bring you a better view of our bonsai through the live broadcast sales model, and then appreciate our bonsai in a more comprehensive way, so that we can choose bonsai without leaving home.

  [Explanation] According to reports, the flower-selling fishing village, formerly known as "Hongling Village", has recorded records of planting bonsai since the Tang Dynasty. It is the birthplace of Huizhou bonsai, one of the four major factions of bonsai.

Having grown up by her grandfather's side since childhood, she developed a strong interest in the planting and modeling of bonsai.

  [Same period] Hong Yu, a villager of Huahua Fishing Village, She County, Huangshan City

  It was under the careful guidance of my grandfather over the years, and after I also had a certain understanding of bonsai, I found that the planting of bonsai is not only the growth of a tree, but also a growth of oneself.

In the process of its modeling, I can slowly calm down and then go to appreciate it.

Then when we have nothing to do, our favorite thing to do is to listen to the rain and then do modeling on rainy days.

  [Explanation] Nowadays, with the development of the information age, many flower farmers in flower-selling fishing villages have opened online stores, farmhouses, and a circle of friends, attracting many flower-watchers and flower-buyers.

According to statistics, in 2021, the total sales revenue of bonsai in the flower fishing village will reach 15 million yuan, with an average per capita income of more than 20,000 yuan, and the comprehensive tourism income of the whole village will reach 10 million yuan.

  Liu Honghe reports from Huangshan, Anhui

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]