Zhongxin Finance, June 25 (Liu Wenwen) Recently, Justin Yifu Lin, Dean of the Institute of New Structural Economics at Peking University, said that by 2049, China will become the largest and most influential economy in the world, and it will become the leader of world economics research. center.

  Justin Yifu Lin made these remarks at the second lecture of the series "Hello! University - Peking University Famous Teachers Talk About Majors" and the 469th special live broadcast of the Peking University Boya Forum.

  Now the score lines of the college entrance examination have been released one after another across the country. Zhihu data shows that during the college entrance examination this year, the total number of questions under the related categories of "college entrance examination volunteers" reached 7.67 million, the number of searches for related search terms reached 197 million, and the number of content views exceeded 2.52 billion.

How to correctly fill in the volunteers and choose a school and a career has become a hot spot for candidates.

On the day of the event, Lin Yifu answered the confusion of young students and parents about choosing a school and a career: instead of blindly pursuing the so-called "popular majors", it is better to choose a major that you are comfortable with and love based on your personal abilities and interests.

This will not only give you the greatest satisfaction, but also do more with less.

  Regarding the range of economics that can be applied, Justin Yifu Lin pointed out that economics is a science about choices, and it is about how to make optimal choices within the range of options.

Regarding the basic literacy of learning economics, he put forward two points: the first is to have family and country feelings, care about the fate of mankind, and achieve "family affairs, state affairs, world affairs, and everything"; grasp the essence of things.

  When discussing China's economic prospects, Justin Yifu Lin predicted that by around 2049, when the second centenary goal is completed, China will become the world's largest and most influential economy, a world economic center and a leader in world economics research. center.

Therefore, he especially emphasized that the students entering the economics major have caught up with a great era. He encouraged young students to seize the opportunities given by history, promote the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, and live up to the times.

  In terms of talent training and teaching concepts, he believes that the dialogue between teachers and students is a good way to realize what the ancients called "preaching and learning to solve puzzles" and to practice the concept of "giving a man a fish is worse than teaching a man to fish". Through the teaching of "karma" and Confucius's advocacy of "no anger, no anger, no anger, no anger", the students are enlightened to the enlightenment of "Tao", so as to finally achieve the highest state of "doing what you want without breaking the rules".

  Based on this concept, Justin Yifu Lin has long insisted on dialogues and exchanges with Peking University students, and compiled the most valuable parts of them into a book. New Structural Economics Experimental Class Study and Exchange Records" and other study dialogues and exchanges records, for the reference and study of the majority of students.

  At the end of the event, Justin Yifu Lin also gave a message to young students who are about to enter the university to study economics, and suggested that the majority of students should read more classics when they were young, meet challenges, seize opportunities, and find personal social value in the tide of the times.

  It is reported that the "Hello! University - Peking University Famous Teachers Talk about Majors" series of activities invited a number of Peking University professors to share about school selection and employment.

This event was jointly organized by Peking University Press, Peking University Boya Forum, Douyin and Xigua Video.