[Explanation] Recently, in the Jurong Automobile Park in Guangxi, Li Lintao, a young man from the Dong ethnic group, was dancing the Internet celebrity dance "Guangxi Subject Three" for the audience in the live broadcast room to increase the popularity of the live broadcast room to sell cars. In order to catch the audience's attention, he also wore ethnic clothes. Clothing, and ethnic decorations are also arranged in the store.

  [Same period] Li Lintao, head of online sales of an automobile brand in Guangxi Jurong

  Because our main purpose of live broadcast is to sell cars, if we dance, these kinds of things are just to let customers come to our live broadcast room, and if they come to our live broadcast room, they come to buy a car. The purpose is also very strong. Your car discounts are very direct, so if we talk to customers directly, we will tell you about the current preferential policies in our live broadcast room.

  [Explanation] In Guangxi Jurong Automobile Park, each car dealer has its own anchor and team, which is divided into morning, middle and evening shifts to develop customer sources online.

The moment the live broadcast started, the anchor became a "talker" in seconds, and his mouth was like a bomber. He tried his best to interact with customers by doing push-ups and other methods, and inserted the transaction price and preferential margin of the model to increase mutual trust and promote transactions.

  [Same period] Meng Tianyu, sales training manager of an automobile brand in Jurong, Guangxi

  You watch my live broadcast every day, and I also interact with you every day. In fact, we are virtually breaking the ice in sales, which has already been achieved during the live broadcast.

I don’t have any talent, I just want to talk, I talk to everyone, and then we broadcast after get off work. We will do push-ups during the live broadcast. For example, we are 5 minutes before 10 minutes. 10,000 was still 20,000, we did as many push-ups as we could, and then one night we did 200 push-ups at most, and that night was pretty crazy.

  [Explanation] Previously, car dealers would attract customers to their stores after getting customers from auto shows, car portals and other channels online.

However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the supply chain and the flow of people are not as smooth as they used to be, and the habits of consumers are also changing.

According to the data of the Passenger Car Association, domestic car sales in April 2022 were 1.181 million, a year-on-year decrease of 47.6%. In May, the passenger car market sales reached 1.354 million, a month-on-month increase of 29.7% and a year-on-year decrease of 16.9%.

It is urgent for auto dealers to innovate sales models and find sales growth points.

  [Concurrent] Huang Fei, general manager of an automobile brand in Jurong, Guangxi

  Due to the overall epidemic control, many customers from other places cannot go to the local area. Now, one of the consumption habits of more customers is changing, so they can use the mobile phone and then go online to learn more about vehicles, some situations and some resources. , Now through such an online channel, he can directly add to one of our sales staff's WeChat, then he can directly view the car online, understand the plan, and even pay, so this process should shorten the overall one buying cycle.

  [Explanation] In addition to the changes in the way consumers look at cars, the models that consumers pay attention to have also shifted from fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles due to rising oil prices.

In addition to gaining customers through the live broadcast platform, car dealers continue to introduce new energy vehicles in the live broadcast room to cater to consumption habits and boost sales.

  [Same period] Luo Jia, sales director of an automobile brand in Jurong, Guangxi

  I have been in this industry for more than ten years. According to my experience, this year should be the most difficult time.

There is an epidemic caused by objective factors, and there is currently a rise in energy and fuel, and another is the rise of new energy, which has led to a sharp decline in the sales of traditional fuel vehicles like ours.

The customer's time may become more and more precious. At this time, he takes time out as before, and it may be more difficult to come out (to the store) to see the car. Occasionally, when they get off work at night, they will take out their mobile phones and watch the live broadcast to find out. Cars, I think this is also the idea or demand of most customers at present, and also strive to make up for the lack of offline passenger flow.

We are now also launching some new energy vehicles at Hongqi. Now I have seen new energy vehicles and they are quite popular, so I used to use live broadcast media to promote our new energy products.

  Wang Yizhao and Wang Yi report from Nanning, Guangxi

Responsible editor: [Lu Yan]