Tourism "summer file" is ready to go

  In July, students from universities, middle schools and primary schools are about to usher in the summer vacation time.

By convention, the tourism market will start a busy "summer period" -- graduation trips, parent-child trips, and research and study trips have been launched one after another.

  High willingness to travel in summer

  During the recent Dragon Boat Festival holiday, my country's tourism market showed an orderly recovery, and the strong release of consumer demand enhanced market confidence.

Some people in the industry believe that the Dragon Boat Festival holiday may become a turning point in the operation of the tourism economy in 2022, and lay a stable and good market foundation for the operation of the tourism economy in the summer vacation and the second half of the year.

  The summer after the Dragon Boat Festival has always been the peak of tourist travel.

"Finally finished! I want to relax with my classmates." Li Jiatong, a senior high school student affiliated to Beijing Normal University, told reporters that she and her classmates had booked a boutique homestay in Huairou District, Beijing. It is a four-bedroom, one-bedroom suite with an area of ​​300 Square meter, rated 4.8, some users commented that the surrounding scenery is good, the house space is large, you can cook by yourself, and it is suitable for friends gathering.

"We plan to go to the surrounding area to see the scenery during the day, and in the evening everyone will cook a sumptuous dinner together. We will sit in the yard and eat our own dinner while looking up at the stars. How beautiful!"

  "College, middle and primary school students will usher in the summer vacation. Now the summer tourism market has been launched, and the 'summer vacation' has a strong momentum of accelerating the recovery of the tourism market." said Huang Xiaojie, CMO of

The data supports her judgment. The big data from shows that from June 1st to 15th, the number of hotel reservations nationwide more than doubled compared with the second half of May; in the past week, the number of summer air ticket reservations increased by nearly 100% compared with the previous week. 3 times, and the increase in scenic spot ticket bookings has reached nearly 60%.

  On June 9, data released by Ctrip also showed that in the past week, summer air ticket orders increased by 162% month-on-month; hotel orders increased by more than 50% month-on-month.

"The arrival of the summer vacation has increased the willingness of more young groups and parent-child families to travel. The recent improvement in the epidemic has been combined with favorable policies. The growth data of various businesses in the past week point to the recovery of the summer market." said Fang Zeqian, an industry analyst at Ctrip Research Institute.

  Cheng Chaogong, chief researcher of Tongcheng Research Institute, said that at present, a series of consumption promotion policies covering the field of cultural tourism consumption have been introduced in various places, both in terms of intensity and coverage, which are unprecedented.

"On the one hand, the consumption promotion policy will directly stimulate consumption, on the other hand, it can set off a consumption boom at the social level and reactivate the consumption enthusiasm suppressed by the epidemic." At the same time, he said, "The epidemic prevention and control policy of the tourism industry is the largest The adjustment is to reduce the implementation scope of the cross-provincial tourism circuit breaker mechanism from the provincial level to the district and county level, so as to avoid the simultaneous circuit breaker of multiple provincial markets in the summer of 2021, which will become a more direct policy level for this year's summer tourism market. support."

  Take multiple measures to stimulate consumption

  A few days ago, Fujian Wuyishan City announced that from June 18, 2022 to December 31, 2022, under the premise of strictly implementing the epidemic prevention and control work, the main scenic spot of Wuyi Mountain will be free of tickets for tourists from all over the country.

In addition, for the summer tourism market, Wuyishan City has also launched a number of high-quality tourism products and routes, including 7 types of research products such as nature, culture, and technology.

  In order to effectively stimulate the recovery of the tourism consumption market, many well-known tourist attractions such as Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai, Zhangjiajie in Hunan, Huashan in Shaanxi, Lushan in Jiangxi, Changbai Mountain in Jilin, and Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou have recently launched free tickets; The scenic spots have launched free tickets or other preferential policies for students, local residents, medical workers, etc.; Yunnan, Hainan and other places have also stimulated consumption by issuing various cultural and tourism consumption coupons...

  According to data from, up to now, Zhangjiajie National Park on Ctrip has sold nearly 4,000 0 yuan tickets, and the overall ticket volume has increased by 667% month-on-month since June; Lushan Scenic Area has implemented a ticket-free policy since June 6, and the first three It received 53,800 tourists a day, effectively stimulating market recovery.

  Fang Zeqian said that the importance of the summer market to the scenic spot is self-evident. Preferential policies such as ticket-free can not only enhance the attraction and reputation of the scenic spot, help the scenic spot to actively attract tourists, but also promote the secondary consumption of the scenic spot’s catering, surrounding, and ground transportation. , bringing revenue growth to the scenic spot.

"Under the background of 'going to the ticket economy', it is also the general trend of its own iterative development to accelerate the transformation of scenic spots into diversified and open leisure resorts and improve the ability of innovative marketing and high-quality services."

  On June 25, Universal Beijing Resort resumed business.

On the Ctrip platform, the reporter saw that the Beijing Universal Resort is hot for follow-up photo bookings, and two products with a rating of 5 have sold more than 1,000 copies and more than 900 copies respectively.

A consumer left a message: "Seeing the evaluation is good, so I made an appointment with my girlfriend for this travel shoot. It's really good and highly recommended." 398 yuan for a 2-hour exquisite follow-up photo, 100 negatives + 10 retouched pictures, I think the price is quite appropriate." Zhang Ying, a resident of Xicheng District, Beijing, who had booked a follow-up photo shoot with her colleagues, told reporters.

  Aiming at the summer market and meeting the needs of tourists, major online travel platforms have recently launched summer marketing campaigns.

On June 16, Ctrip officially launched the 2022 "Summer Travel Festival".

At present, nearly 500 scenic spots have launched preferential products through Ctrip, and promoted local cultural tourism subsidies and scenic spot discounts. This round of activities to jointly promote the recovery of the tourism market has covered 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities such as Anhui, Fujian and Guangdong; Fliggy Travel The "618" promotion was launched online, and the number of products participating in the promotion doubled year-on-year.

"Many popular package products have further expanded the reservation space, and the dates cover summer vacations and weekends. Some merchants have also introduced the promise of no price increase for summer travel, which further stimulates consumers' desire to implement travel plans." Shu Chen, director of Fliggy's "618" project Say.

  Parent-child research drives recovery

  "Every winter and summer vacation, I will sign up my children for a research group. Children can learn while playing, and they can learn about the stories behind the historical sites and cultural relics through the explanations of the leading teachers and hands-on participation in the production. This allows children to understand the long history of our country. There is a perceptual understanding." Zhang Xiaolei, who lives in Fengtai District, Beijing, said that in the upcoming summer vacation, she plans to book a research group to visit the Palace Museum for her children.

  Summer vacation is the peak consumption of research and study tours and parent-child tours.

According to the person in charge of Ctrip's study tour, this year's parent-child study tour and summer camp products are more refined in terms of team size than previous years, and small group travel accounts for the majority; travel modes are more diverse, including RV travel, SUV travel, etc.; the theme of research activities is more To make it clear, topics such as desert hiking and stargazing are more popular among families with children, while historical and humanities, such as museums, the Silk Road, and scientific exploration, such as watching rocket launches, have continued to increase in search interest recently.

In view of the confidence in the summer parent-child travel market, Ctrip's study tour business has launched hundreds of parent-child and study tour routes, and the number of products is 1.5 times that of 2019. Among them, children's independent travel products account for 46% of all products, and parent-child travel accounts for 54%. .

  Huang Xiaojie introduced that from the perspective of supply side and market research, the sales growth of summer vacation products for research students and volunteers this year is relatively high.

The consumers of research products are mainly primary and secondary school students, focusing on museum research, natural camping and hiking; for high school students, the main focus is "volunteer + travel", such as Tibetan incense production, water quality testing, Tibetan culture and language classes, Yanghu garbage cleaning, thangka drawing etc.

  Cheng Chaogong judged that the demand for short- and medium-term parent-child travel in the summer tourism market this year will be the main force, especially the demand for parent-child travel in surrounding areas is expected to usher in greater growth.

The recovery of the demand for parent-child travel constitutes the "engine" for the steady recovery of the entire summer tourism market, which will drive the demand for family travel and play a strong role in the recovery of the overall passenger flow.

  He said that since the outbreak of the epidemic, a variety of new consumption hotspots have emerged in the domestic tourism market, from script kills to e-sports hotels to the recent camping craze, showing great potential for diversification of consumption.

"It is expected that new consumption hotspots will still occupy an important position in the summer tourism market this year. The colorful night tour market, weekend micro vacations, rural tours, and summer vacations will all add a lot to the entire summer market."

  Zhang Xue