Regarding the market manipulation case by SMBC Nikko Securities executives, the committee made up of lawyers had a weak sense of norm, including the management team, in the background that the case could not be prevented, and the corporate governance system had fallen into a malfunction. Severely criticized as.

The company plans to make drastic improvements, but the challenge is to steadily take measures to prevent recurrence and restore trust.

In the investigation report of the market manipulation case by the executives of SMBC Nikko Securities released on the 24th, the series of transactions is "inappropriate and unfair behavior", and the internal normative awareness is weak, and the corporate governance system is in place. Severely criticized that he was dysfunctional.

In response to this, President Yuichiro Kondo held a press conference and stated, "We will make drastic improvements throughout the company and persistently promote efforts to reinforce the importance of normative awareness and discipline."

The company says that all employees will read through the report in order to raise their awareness of the norms, and that the code of conduct will be partially revised and tightened during the current fiscal year.

In addition, as a measure to prevent recurrence, we have strictly established rules for transactions called block offers that have become a problem.

This case is an extremely unusual situation in which a major securities company distorts the fairness of the market, and it is expected that judgments in court and administrative sanctions by the Financial Services Agency will be issued in the future. The issue is whether it can lead to recovery.