In order to effectively solve the rental pain points of young people entering the society and promote high-quality employment, on June 22, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development and the Youth League Municipal Committee jointly launched the 4th "Graduation Season Rental Service Entering Campus Series Activities".

In order to assist in this event, the Beijing Real Estate Intermediary Industry Association launched the "Proposal Letter".

Beijing Lianjia has responded positively, and will provide the exclusive activity of "halving the commission for graduation rental" for college graduates who are renting in Beijing from now on.

This activity is part of Shell Rental's "New Youth Program" and will last until December 31 this year.

The activity of "halving the rental commission for graduation" helps graduates take the first step in living in Beijing

  The initiative mentioned that it is hoped that the city's real estate brokerage agencies and housing leasing companies will participate widely, give full play to the advantages of housing and service expertise, do their best, give full discounts, and innovate services, so as to jointly help graduates take the first step in renting well.

  After the proposal was issued, Beijing Lianjia responded as soon as possible. From now until December 31, 2022, fresh graduates of full-time colleges and universities (higher vocational, junior college, undergraduate, and postgraduate students) can rent through Beijing Lianjia and enjoy intermediary service commissions 5 Discount once.

In addition, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the rental service fee once through Beijing Lianjia Leasing Shell Saver.

  According to reports, the event will be carried out in the form of issuing coupons.

Fresh graduates can log in to the Lianjia APP, enter the homepage rental topic, click the top picture to jump to the main page of the "Graduation Rental Housing Commission Halve" activity, fill in personal information and verification code, and receive commission reduction coupons after approval. Show it to the agent before signing the rental agreement.

Commission discount coupons are valid until December 31, 2022.

  This year is the second year that Beijing Lianjia has launched the "Half rental commission for graduates" campaign for fresh graduates.

Last year, Beijing Lianjia has launched this preferential activity for fresh graduates of colleges and universities in Beijing, benefiting nearly 2,000 college students.

This year, Beijing Lianjia has expanded its graduates to all college graduates who are renting in Beijing, hoping to help more talents live and work in Beijing.

A number of rental service guarantees to escort graduates

  It is understood that, in addition to helping graduates to reduce the pressure on rental commissions, Beijing Lianjia also escorts their residence through a number of rental peace-of-mind service commitments.

Commitments include "one hundred compensation for fake housing", "7-day check-out, lease replacement and commission refund", "free lease renewal upon expiration of the lease term", "full refund of commissions for rental accident rooms" and "advance payment for the loss of rental problem rooms". It can avoid renting risks and provide safe and reliable renting services for "newcomers" who are just entering the society.

  Li Fengyan, general manager of Beijing Lianjia, said, "The fresh graduates of college students do not have much experience in renting and are likely to encounter various uncertain risks. I hope our service commitments and preferential activities can help them find a house smoothly and rent with peace of mind. To achieve a smooth transition from campus life to career, so that they can feel more warmth from the society who have just stepped into the society."

  Over the years, Beijing Lianjia has continued to explore housing rental service guarantees.

This year, Beijing Lianjia also responded to the policy call and launched a "rental commission-free" discount for families receiving rental subsidies in the market to help urban strugglers live in peace.

In the future, Beijing Lianjia will also strive to improve consumers' rental experience through more rental guarantees and preferential activities.