Sino-Singapore Jingwei, June 23 (Chang Tao) The results of the 2022 college entrance examination will be announced on the 23rd, and the voluntary application will also be launched soon.

In the past two years, with the implementation of the college entrance examination reform in more provinces, it has become more complicated to fill in the college entrance examination voluntary report, students are nervous, and parents are anxious.

In this context, various voluntary college entrance examination service agencies under the banner of AI, big data, one-to-one, etc. have followed the news and made a lot of money, and they have also taken advantage of the trend to promote the occupation of "volunteer college entrance examination planner". .

  On the eve of volunteering for the college entrance examination, a reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei found that providing such expensive planning services does not require a high threshold, or even a threshold.

"Pay 1,500 yuan, no classes, no exams, just one month, and you will get the nationally recognized senior college entrance examination volunteer planner certificate package." A staff member of the certificate agency said.

Consultation fees can easily cost tens of thousands of planners in three days

  Helping college students to fill out their voluntary applications is not a new business, and even a "ten-year-old store" has been born in this industry.

Xiaoxi is a volunteer planner for the college entrance examination in Beijing. Her institution has been established for 11 years. "One-to-one", "face-to-face", "AI intelligent reporting" and "millions of real data" are its features and selling points. .

  According to Xiaoxi, the cost of serving a candidate is more than 10,000 yuan, which is "a relatively low level in the industry", and they will sign a service agreement with candidates for volunteering to fill in the college entrance examination. In the end, they can get a full refund if they cannot be admitted.

"For each candidate, we will give him an AI + big data test to analyze his interests and hobbies in depth. The accuracy rate is over 90%, and the reporting is more targeted." Xiaoxi said.

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noticed that in the current market, all kinds of voluntary service agencies for college entrance examinations have similar procedures. Yuan varies.

  In addition, in addition to choosing institutions to guide the college entrance examination volunteers, candidates can also purchase volunteer cards.

On platforms such as short videos and Xiaohongshu, there are many educational bloggers who share their volunteer knowledge and claim to be professional experts in further education planning. They also sell volunteer cards, which are priced at a few hundred yuan. come up with a corresponding plan.

  In recent years, the college entrance examination voluntary filling market has developed rapidly.

According to data from Tianyancha, there are currently 2,000 companies in China whose names or business scope contain "voluntary reporting", and 70% of them are located in Hebei.

It is worth mentioning that before 2013, the annual registration number of relevant enterprises (all enterprise status) in China voluntarily reported was only single digits, and nearly 90% of the relevant enterprises were established within 5 years.

  Then, who will provide the "consulting services" that cost tens of thousands of yuan at every turn, and what is the "gold content"?

  In fact, if you want to become a volunteer planner for the college entrance examination, you do not need a high threshold, or even a threshold.

  A sales introduction of a training institution for volunteer planners for the college entrance examination. They do not have any academic qualifications for admission. The training courses can be online or offline. The online learning time is three weeks and the cost is 3880 yuan. The offline teaching only takes three days and the cost is 5880 yuan.

The sales also emphasized, "You can issue certificates without taking exams after you finish your studies. There are several types, all of which are recognized by the state. You can choose which one you want."

  For the content taught offline, the salesman said that it mainly teaches some vocabulary and answers to common questions of candidates, as well as the use of volunteer matching software.

"After the course is over, each student will be given a document and an account. How to guide the students later depends on the individual's performance and the proficiency of the software," said the salesperson.

No class, no exam, 1500 yuan package to get a certificate

  If there are still some thresholds for "three-day fast", then the following approach of "paying 1,500 yuan, not taking classes, not taking exams, and getting a certificate" is not a threshold at all.

  A reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei contacted Mr. Zhang from a certificate agency as a student. Mr. Zhang said that about the certificate of volunteer planners for the college entrance examination, the most they now handle is the "professional talent training certificate" issued by the training center of the Chinese Society of Management Science. The course name is "Senior College Entrance Exam Volunteer Planner".

"You only need to submit basic personal information and a deposit. You don't need to take classes or exams. You can get a certificate in 20 to 25 days." Teacher Zhang said.

  According to his introduction, the total cost of processing such a certificate is 1,500 yuan, and a deposit of 500 yuan is paid first, and the balance of 1,000 yuan is made up after the certificate is issued.

Teacher Zhang said, "We handle the whole process on behalf of us, including taking the exams on behalf of the students. The requirements for the students are not strict, and the certificates are recognized by the state."

  There is a serious English translation error in the certificate sample sent by Mr. Zhang. Photo courtesy of the respondent

  A reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei checked the certificate sample sent by Mr. Zhang and found that there was an English translation error, and "Volunteer Planner" was translated into "Volunteer Planner".

  Photo courtesy of the interviewee

  In addition, another agent, Mr. Liu, also claimed that "1,500 yuan can entrust the agent's college entrance examination volunteer planner certificate throughout the whole process", and there is no need to take the test in person. "The certificate is issued by the Talent Skills Certification Management Center, which can be checked on the official website and is available nationwide." Get a certificate in about a month.

"College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planner" is not included in the certification

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noticed that there are currently many kinds of "Voluntary Planner Certificates for Senior College Entrance Examination", and the issuing units are different.

At present, there are more mentions, in addition to the above two, there is also a "special skill certificate" issued by the China Chamber of Commerce and the China Chamber of Commerce Business Occupational Skills Appraisal and Guidance Center. )”.

  However, a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei inquired about the "National Vocational Qualification Catalog" (2021 Edition) and found that career planners, volunteer planners for the college entrance examination, etc. were not included in the catalog, and related career instructors were also cancelled in 2017. Professional Qualification.

  According to relevant regulations, no professional qualifications are permitted or recognized outside the catalogue.

  This means that the above-mentioned "Voluntary Planner Certificate for Senior College Entrance Examination" is not valid, but to a large extent, it is a pretext for some individuals and institutions to make money.

  A high school teacher from an experimental middle school in a certain province confirmed this to a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei. She said that the only vocational qualifications related to volunteering for the college entrance examination were originally only vocational instructors, but the number of certificate holders in the country is very small. The Ministry of Social Affairs has cancelled this certification.

At present, the state does not have professional qualification certification for the so-called "volunteer planners in the college entrance examination".

  According to a staff member of an education and training institution in Beijing, his institution not only provides voluntary reporting services for college students, but also trains voluntary planners for college entrance examinations, but "never issues national vocational certifications or the like."

  According to the staff member, the "College Entrance Examination Volunteer Planner Practical Class" launched by the agency is an online live broadcast course, with a total of 16 class hours and a fee of 5,380 yuan.

After completing the study and passing the exam, the institution will issue a "Certificate of Volunteer Planner for the College Entrance Examination", but the issuer is the institution.

  "This certificate only means that the trainee has accepted the training of our institution and passed the exam, and it has no special effect. Our training focuses on the process. In fact, most of the formal college entrance examination volunteer filling service agencies also recruit planners. It doesn't matter if you have a national certificate, everyone in the industry knows that it's useless." said the above-mentioned staff member.

  As an applicant, a reporter from Sino-Singapore Jingwei contacted several volunteer service agencies for the college entrance examination. All of them said that "there is no need to provide the relevant certificate of the college entrance examination volunteer planner". Generally, applicants are required to have teaching experience, obtain a teacher's qualification certificate, and a teacher's training certificate. School graduation is preferred.

  However, in practice, this does not mean that the so-called "voluntary planner certificate for the college entrance examination" is useless.

  The staff of the above-mentioned education and training institutions said, "In general, institutions in first- and second-tier cities do not recognize these certificates, but in third- and fourth-tier cities, and even county towns, these certificates with various names are still very popular. After people spend money to get the certificate, they will open a personal studio or only provide services through the Internet. These certificates are very confusing, and most parents of students will not distinguish."

  Qiqi (pseudonym) from a county in Shandong Province will take the college entrance examination in 2021 and was admitted to a normal college in Nanjing.

She introduced to the Sino-Singapore Jingwei reporter that after the college entrance examination scores came out, her family took her to consult "a well-known local volunteer planner for the college entrance examination".

"This teacher works from home. During the consultation process, he showed various national certificates, but we didn't take a closer look. According to the family, this teacher's business is very good, and he needs to make an appointment long in advance, and he can earn more than ten in one college entrance examination season. Ten thousand yuan." Kiki said.

  The above-mentioned high school teachers said that the current voluntary reporting service market lacks norms, and the entry threshold is extremely low.

She admitted that candidates need some guidance to fill in the application, but there is no need to be overly anxious and believe in "high-priced" guidance, let alone rely on so-called AI and big data.

"We have always emphasized that candidates are the first responsible person for voluntary reporting. Candidates should clarify their hobbies, employment direction, quality and ability, etc., and cannot blindly hand over their voluntary decision-making power to others."

  A reporter from China-Singapore Jingwei noticed that on the 23rd, the Ministry of Education's website issued an early warning mentioning that it is necessary to beware of the trap of "high-priced volunteer guidance".

  The Ministry of Education solemnly reminds the majority of candidates and parents that there are problems such as inaccurate policy interpretation, inaccurate information provision, irregular fee collection and even fraud in the "high-priced" voluntary reporting consultation activities carried out by institutions or individuals in the society to candidates and parents.

Candidates are requested to comprehensively refer to the consulting service information provided by the local admissions examination institution, the middle school where they are located, and relevant colleges and universities, and fill in the report independently and reasonably according to their actual situation.

  The Ministry of Education also mentioned in the early warning that relevant departments have never issued vocational qualification certificates such as "Voluntary Planners for the College Entrance Examination".

Some so-called "volunteer planners" in individual institutions are temporarily recruited social personnel, who guide candidates and parents according to the "lines" provided by the headquarters.

Parents not only overpay for the services of these agencies, they may also report wrongly.

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