There are many people these days who are afraid to open a stock account.

Today (22nd), the stock price fell again, and both the KOSPI and the KOSDAQ set new lows this year.

Foreigners are selling more than 5 trillion won of stocks this month alone.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam covered it.


Today, the financial market was shaken.

Since the opening, the KOSPI has not been able to straighten properly once and has sank close to 3%.

The KOSDAQ also plunged 4%.

The stock prices of nearly 1,000 companies fell to their lowest level in a year, and the market cap of 64 trillion won evaporated in one day.

Foreign investors have sold 5.5 trillion won worth of stocks this month and 19 trillion won in total this year.

Conversely, individual investors who buy stocks are losing money.

This year, we poured 27 trillion won into the stock market, including 15 trillion won for Samsung Electronics alone.

[Individual investor: I put in about 10 million won now, but it fell by 20%.

Let's add 10 million won to make 0, the yield.

I come to my senses while thinking like that.]

There is also an analysis that the amount of loss of 20% or more after buying stocks with debt at a brokerage company is close to 8 trillion won.

Even after buying stocks with money from a brokerage company, stocks that were forcibly sold by a brokerage company because they couldn't pay it back on time came out over 25 billion won every day, further lowering the stock price.

[Sewoon Hwang/Senior Research Fellow, Capital Market Research Institute: If selling increases, the stock price will receive more downward pressure.

This is now a factor that creates a vicious cycle that causes the stock price to fall again.] As

foreigners exchanged their stocks for dollars, the exchange rate fluctuated.

Today, the won-dollar exchange rate rose by 3.7 won to 1,297 won, the highest since the financial crisis in 2009.

(Video editing: Park Ji-in, VJ: Park Hyun-woo)