Sino-Singapore Jingwei, June 21. In response to the "suspected Xuetong APP user data leakage", Xuetong's official Weibo issued a statement on the 21st in response, saying that

no clear evidence of user information leakage has been found so far.

The case has been reported to the public security organ, and the public security organ has been involved in the investigation.

At present, the topic #学通# is on the top trending search on Weibo.

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  The statement stated that our company received feedback information on "suspected learning of the learning pass APP user data leakage" last night, and immediately organized a technical investigation. At present, the investigation has been carried out for more than ten hours, and no clear evidence of user information leakage has been found so far. .

In view of the seriousness of the matter, we have reported the case to the public security organs, and the public security organs have been involved in the investigation.

  The statement also stated that Xuetong does not store the user's plaintext password, and adopts one-way encrypted storage. In theory, the user's password will not be leaked. Under this technical means, even the company's internal employees (including programmers) cannot obtain the password in plaintext.

The company confirmed that online rumors that the password had been leaked were untrue.

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  Recently, according to news in the security industry, the database information of the college student learning software "Learning Pass" has been publicly sold.

The specific situation is temporarily unknown.

The leaked data includes 172.73 million pieces of information such as school/organization name, name, mobile phone number, student/worker ID, gender, and email address.

  Public information shows that Xuetong is an app with a very high penetration rate in universities. Its functions include punching in online classes and exam invigilation.

It is understood that the iOS version of Xuetong has obtained a total of 120,000 scores, and its average score is only 1.4 (out of 5).

  The Tianyancha APP shows that the main company of Xuetong is Beijing Century Chaoxing Information Technology Development Co., Ltd., which was established in 2000. It is a provider of digital library solutions and digital book resources, and its legal representative is Fu Guoming.

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