At present, affected by the epidemic, various new lifestyles such as camping and meditation are emerging one after another.

Cars, taking into account both short-distance and long-distance travel, have naturally become an important carrier for carrying different lifestyles.

The "5+2+7" high-quality lifestyle created by the new fourth-generation Highlander is being sought after by more and more people.

A high-quality lifestyle requires comprehensive strength to deal with all scenarios

  The famous novelist Maupassant once said, "Life cannot be as good as you imagine, but it will not be as bad as you imagine." Therefore, each of us has the right to choose life in our own hands.

  What is a high-quality lifestyle?

Maybe everyone has their own definition, but one thing should be common: that is, you can deal with any situation anytime, anywhere.

Just like a car, it can have a comprehensive ability in the whole scene.

  The new fourth-generation Highlander has created a high-quality lifestyle of "5+2+7", namely: 5 days of city life to achieve self-worth; 2 days of short-distance outings to enjoy the joy of gathering with relatives and friends; Pursuing a higher level of life, it is highly praised and loved by consumers.

The new high-end lifestyle comes from the excellent comprehensive strength of the new fourth-generation Highlander.

  As the first luxury large SUV in the GAC Toyota TNGA family, the new fourth-generation Highlander is built on the Toyota TNGA-K high-end platform, with larger and more spacious space, more luxurious exterior and interior design, more obvious power advantages, and more intelligent configurations. Meet the diverse needs of safe and comfortable travel for the whole family.

  The "power gentleman" design concept brings a more stylish and stylish appearance.

The seat is covered with a large area of ​​high-grade and delicate tactile leather, which is delicate and soft to the touch.

The 12.3-inch full LCD instrument, 12.3-inch central control display, HUD three-screen linkage and electronic streaming media rearview mirror bring a sense of technology and make driving more comfortable and convenient.

  Thanks to Toyota's TNGA-K high-end platform, the body size of the new fourth-generation Highlander has been increased in an all-round way, the length of the vehicle has increased by 75mm, the length, width and height have reached 4965mm/1930mm/1750mm, and the wheelbase has increased by 60mm to 2850mm. The three-row seats can be flexibly adjusted and folded down, making the riding space more spacious and convenient, and the visual experience more open.

In terms of storage space, the second row and the third row are divided into 4/6, and the interior space is more than enough.

Compared with the current model, the storage space is larger and richer, and it is equipped with high-quality atmosphere lights to enhance the luxury of the interior and facilitate access to items.

The all-new fourth-generation Highlander creates a "5+2+7" high-quality lifestyle for drivers and passengers, and one car meets various needs.

  TNGA+HEV hybrid+E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive makes the new fourth-generation Highlander bring a new driving experience.

The TNGA 2.5L new fourth-generation enhanced THS II Toyota hybrid system can achieve a fuel consumption as low as 5.3L per 100 kilometers and a cruising range of up to 1000km.

The new E-FOUR electronic four-wheel drive adopts the front and rear axle dual drive motor design, which has faster dynamic response and more stable driving, and has more obvious advantages in starting, accelerating, cornering and other working conditions.

At the same time, the all-new fourth-generation Highlander is also the first model in its class to be equipped with a hybrid powertrain. It can easily drive and enjoy commuting life without fear of fuel consumption; short-distance outings are comfortable and convenient; long-distance driving can relieve fatigue.

  Vehicle intelligence and networking have become a major trend.

The new fourth-generation Highlander brings on-board intelligent connectivity systems including face recognition, Hicar, Carplay, Carlife, etc. It supports ecological service functions such as voice recognition and home appliance connection, and can also enjoy basic traffic for up to 5 years free of charge.

Through the "Fengyunxing" APP, you can also realize the remote control of mobile phones, and enjoy convenient car networking services anytime, anywhere.

The latest generation of TSS intelligent travel safety system further upgrades PCS pre-collision safety, DRCC dynamic radar cruise control, LTA lane tracking assist and AHB automatic adjustment of high beams, making driving safer and more comfortable.

The new GOA high-rigidity body and the whole system are equipped with 7 airbags as standard, bringing higher safety.

From an extraordinary background, the reputation of users is the best witness of high quality

  The new fourth-generation Highlander was born from the high-quality "zero defect rate" factory of GAC Toyota, inheriting Toyota's high QDR (high quality, high durability, high reliability) quality genes, and the quality control level is world-class, and naturally can withstand Time tempering and market test.

  According to the "2021 China Automobile Value Retention Rate Research Report" jointly released by the China Automobile Dealers Association and Jingzheng, the Highlander's 3-year value retention rate is as high as 89.12%, ranking first in the value retention rate of SUVs of the same level.

In addition, the Highlander also ranks first in the zero-to-integral ratio among SUVs in its class, and has achieved "Top Safety+" in the crash test. From 2015 to 2021, it has won the first place in the CACSI market segment for seven consecutive years.

Over the years, the popular comments in the market, such as "As long as you buy a 7-seat SUV, you must see the Highlander", "the car that preserves value, the magic tool for wealth management, and the reliable partner" are well-deserved.

Outstanding domestically, leading in the world, Highlander dominates all kinds of "dissatisfaction" with good sales

  As the first global strategic model to open up and lead the luxury 7-seat SUV market, the Highlander has accumulated global sales of more than 4.5 million units since its birth 22 years ago. A luxury 7-seat SUV with cumulative sales exceeding one million units.

  Even affected by the epidemic, Highlander still brought a new driving experience to 39,215 families from January to May this year, and achieved sales of 8,138 vehicles in May alone. It is undoubtedly a powerful and idol group in the automotive circle. hybrid.

GAC Toyota's sales from January to May approached 400,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 16.1%. In May alone, it sold 83,800 units, a year-on-year increase of 19.7%. Under the complex environment of the epidemic and lack of cores, it has achieved remarkable results.

Among them, the three flagship models, led by Highlander, Senna and Camry, accumulated sales of more than 175,000 units from January to May, a year-on-year increase of 57.4%, accounting for 43.4% of the brand, leading the continued strong growth of mid-to-high-end models.

  The product strength is outstanding, the brand heritage is profound, and the sales position is unshakable.

The new fourth-generation Highlander brings a new experience beyond imagination with full sincerity.

The trust of millions of consumers has already made the Highlander's image of a "luxury large 7-seat SUV" deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Toyota's advanced dual-engine hybrid technology introduced in 2021 will bring more low carbon to luxury large SUV users. A green and economical travel experience.

  Shuttle between cities, quiet in the mountains, and switch freely in the colorful high-quality life.

The new fourth-generation Highlander will become a reliable partner for more consumers to enjoy a high-quality life.

Are you excited about the "5+2+7" high-quality lifestyle created by the new fourth-generation Highlander?