The UAE market regains 82% of its capacity compared to before the pandemic

1.2 million scheduled seats on flights in the Emirates this week

The coming weeks are expected to record greater growth rates with the peak of summer traffic in the Emirates.


 OAG International, a provider of airport and airline data, stated that airlines operating in the UAE airports will, in total, occupy about 1.2 million seats on flights, during the current week, which began on June 20, compared to about 1.1 million. In the previous week, a growth rate of 8.7%.

Data from the institution, obtained by "Emirates Today", showed that the UAE market recorded a growth of more than 100% in the size of seat capacity during the current week of June, compared to the same period last year, when about 597,000 seats were registered. Noting that the seat capacity in the UAE reached about 82.5% compared to pre-pandemic levels during the same comparison period.

The data indicated a continuous growth in the size of seat capacity in the UAE market during the past months, with the recovery of movement and the easing of travel restrictions in many international markets.

According to the data, the coming weeks are expected to record greater growth rates, with the peak of the summer movement.

The Corporation stated that airlines in the Middle East region as a whole will occupy about 4.3 million seats this week, compared to 4.08 million seats in the previous week, a growth of 5.6%, pointing out that the UAE market accounts for about 29% of the total volume of capacity that Operated by airlines in the region.

Globally, the corporation said that the seat capacity of global airlines recorded an increase of 2% to reach 98.5 million seats, pointing out that a similar increase next week will raise the capacity to more than 100 million, and for that to happen, we may need to see more capacity added again. In China.

She added that positively, all regions recorded increases in capacity, on a weekly basis, with the exception of South Africa, pointing out that Northeast Asia recorded the largest growth rate, followed by South America.

She explained that it is not surprising that airline ticket prices are rising, partly due to increased operating costs, pointing to very strong demand, at least for the next two months, as we approach the peak of the summer holidays.

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