The financial market is shaking every day.

Today (14th), the stock price also fell, the KOSPI broke the 2,500 line, and the won/dollar exchange rate fluctuated greatly.

From now on, let's take a comprehensive look at the economic situation inside and outside Korea.

First of all, this is reporter Kim Jung-woo.

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KOSPI, which started to fall as soon as the market opened, ended the market with the 2,500 line collapsed.

It is the first time in one year and seven months since November 2020 that the KOSPI has fallen below 2,500.

Foreign investors sold more than 2.6 trillion won in stocks in the past week.

Institutional investors, mainly pension funds, tried to persevere, but it was not enough.

A tough battle continued in the foreign exchange market as well.

As the sense of crisis grew that the dollar would break through 1,300 won, the foreign exchange authorities sent a signal to intervene, saying they were watching the situation.

[Seo Jeong-hoon / Senior Expert at Hana Bank: It seems that the foreign exchange authorities are wary of intervention in the second half of the chapter.

Judging by the estimate, it

seems that a substantial part of the intervention was carried out.]

As a result, the exchange rate, which once broke through 1,290 won, has fallen slightly, but the anxiety is still there.

As financial markets faltered, the government raised the alert level even further.

At 11 a.m., when a battle between stock prices and exchange rates took place, Deputy Prime Minister Choo Kyung-ho declared that a great economic war had begun.

Diagnosing that a complex crisis was approaching, with rising inflation and growing unrest in the financial and foreign exchange markets, he ordered that contingency measures to be used in an emergency should be re-examined.

However, the day after tomorrow (16th), the US central bank is expected to make a decision to raise the key interest rate again significantly, so the domestic financial market is also expected to become more volatile for the time being.

(VJ: Park Hyun-woo, Video editing: Kim Jong-mi)