China News Agency, Beijing, June 13 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the State Grain and Materials Reserve Bureau on the 13th that China's wheat production continued to increase, and it was less affected by the international market.

  Wang Xiaohui, chief analyst of the National Grain and Oil Information Center, recently analyzed China's summer grain market this year.

  Wang Xiaohui said that the current progress of summer grain harvesting is fast, and the weather is mainly sunny during the summer harvest. The machine harvesting progress of wheat in the main producing areas exceeds 70%, and the summer harvest will basically end in about a week or so. warehouse.

From various reflections, last year's rare autumn flood weather and the large-scale delay in winter wheat planting did not affect the yield. The wheat yield per unit was significantly better than that of the previous year, and the quality was the best in recent years. The overall situation of the bumper harvest has been determined.

  "China's wheat production has continued to increase, and overall supply and demand have remained loose for many years. The market price of wheat is less affected by the international market. It is expected that the price of wheat will remain within a reasonable range. It is recommended that farmers sell grain in a balanced and orderly manner, store grain well, and sell at a good price." Wang Xiaohui Say.

  Recently, China's summer grain purchases have been carried out in an orderly manner.

According to the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves, this year's summer grain purchases started well, with both purchases and sales booming. It is estimated that this year's summer grain peak season purchase volume will be about 130 billion catties (1 catty is 500 grams), which will remain at a relatively high level. The prices of wheat and early indica rice are relatively high. At present, the purchase price of wheat in North China is 3,000 to 3,100 yuan per ton. The purchase price is higher than the same period last year, which is conducive to the high yield and income of grain farmers. It is less likely to start purchasing from the city. The next step will be to closely follow the grain market situation. Strengthen the arrangement of measures to ensure the smooth progress of summer grain purchases and the smooth operation of the grain market.