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Cargo Solidarity has been on strike for the sixth day, affecting the entire industry.

The government and the Cargo Solidarity had negotiated for over 10 hours yesterday (11th), but could not reach an agreement, and decided to meet again at 2 pm today.

This is reporter Jo Yoon-ha.

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is Hite Jinro factory in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do.

Trucks are carrying soju and beer.

These are cars driven by general wholesalers who are not affiliated with the Cargo Solidarity.

[Liquor wholesale business official: There is nothing to sell next week, so if we don't bring (alcohol), we can't go out at all, the alcohol itself.

Because supply is not available.]

Hite Jinro's Cheongju plant is the same.

On the sixth day of the strike, collective transportation refusal continued at ports, cement and vehicle manufacturing plants across the country.

As of 5 pm yesterday, the container transport volume at Busan Port and Incheon Port dropped by 25% to 30% from the same time period last month, and Gwangyang Port and Ulsan Port are not able to import or export containers.

Yesterday, the government and the Cargo Solidarity held the third working-level negotiation for over 10 hours, but only confirmed differences in positions and did not reach an agreement. 

[Kang Dong-heon/Director of Strategic Organization of Cargo Solidarity: The idea is to abolish the safety fare system sunset system and expand it to all car models and items, and the positive effect it will bring is that it can continue to expand road and citizen safety…


The government and the Cargo Solidarity plan to meet again at 2 pm today to continue negotiations.