This internship is a trap

  "Paid intern internships" can be popular. On the one hand, some college students have an unabated desire to enter large and well-known enterprises for employment; on the other hand, facing the increasingly complex and severe employment situation, the demand for graduate internships is even stronger.

To prevent college graduates from falling into such traps, it is necessary to create a safe, orderly, just and reasonable employment environment.

  "15,000 yuan is guaranteed" "no written test is required, just follow the interview process"... Recently, individual institutions and individuals have appeared on the Internet platform to recruit interns under the name of securities companies and researchers, or publish false recruitment information and ask for relevant fees. Engage in paid push.

Subsequently, relevant brokerages made public statements on recruitment matters, emphasizing that official recruitment is the only channel, and will reserve the right to pursue legal responsibility for those who publish false information.

  "Paid intern internships" originated in the financial industry are not new.

As early as a few years ago, media reports exposed the chaos of "paid internal referrals" in the financial industry: some paid internal referral internship programs and fees have nothing to do with the internship unit, and are purely online intermediary fraud; The "inner ghost" of the enterprise is linked, but it is not the official behavior of the enterprise.

Regardless of the form, the profit-making purpose of "paid internal push" has become clear.

Even if it wasn't fraudulent, it would be unreasonable to charge high internship fees.

  However, although many well-known companies have stated that they have nothing to do with "paid intern internships", and the society has frequently urged college students not to believe such propaganda, the status quo of "paid inbound internships" has not changed.

The reason is that, on the one hand, some college students have an unabated interest in entering large and well-known enterprises for employment, and the paid introductory referral just fits their psychological needs of eager internship and employment; The employment situation, the demand for graduate internships is even stronger.

The scarcity of employment and internship opportunities provides an external environment for bad intermediaries to make illegal profits under the guise of employment units.

The absence of relevant laws and regulations, as well as the difficulty of network technology supervision and other factors, also contributed to the savage growth of "paid internal push".

In addition, the agreement traps, contract traps or trial period traps set up by some employers often make graduates unable to seek help.

  In fact, chaos such as paid internships has long been the concern of the regulatory authorities.

At the beginning of this year, eight departments including the Ministry of Education jointly issued regulations, which made it clear that "it is strictly forbidden to organize internships in violation of regulations for the purpose of profit".

Due to the impact on the company's image and potential disputes, in recent years, the chaos of paid intern internships has also been paid attention to and rectified by many financial institutions, such as strengthening the management of regular employees, expanding the number of vacation interns, and improving internship backgrounds.

  It is the responsibility of the government and society to help graduates find employment smoothly.

To prevent college graduates from falling into the trap of employment and internships, all parties need to work together to create a safe, orderly, just and reasonable employment environment for them.

On the one hand, government departments should link up with enterprises, schools, and college graduates to purify campus recruitment and internship information through the “firewall” system, especially to regulate the labor market, especially the behavior of network intermediaries, to effectively reduce the cost of job hunting for college students.

On the other hand, college students who are job-seekers should also strengthen their own legal education, do not believe in shortcuts to employment, improve job-seeking safety awareness and prevention capabilities, and use legal weapons to safeguard their rights.