The Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily hit $ 800 in the New York stock market on the 10th as concerns over a prolonged record inflation arose as US consumer price index growth exceeded market expectations last month. It is a significant price drop that exceeds.

The New York Stock Exchange on the 10th is in record inflation as the US consumer price index growth announced today exceeded market expectations and reached a level for the first time in about 40 and a half years. However, there was growing concern that monetary tightening would accelerate further.

As a result, the Dow Jones Industrial Average temporarily fell sharply to over $ 800 due to a full-scale depreciation immediately after the start of the transaction.

Market officials said, "There were expectations that inflation would peak, but last month's consumer price index did not show that trend. This will further accelerate monetary tightening and slow the economy. We are becoming more vigilant about things, and sell orders are swelling. "