Real exploration丨The consumer market during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen: the trend of surging and warming up in the business district is obvious

  On the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival this year, Shanghai has entered a stage of fully restoring normal production and living order, and the epidemic in Beijing has entered the final stage, while Shenzhen also experienced the impact of the epidemic in March.

In order to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, various regions have introduced a series of policies and measures to stabilize growth and promote consumption, and continue to promote the resumption of work and production, and the resumption of business and markets.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the Securities Times reporters divided into three groups to actually explore the consumer markets in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, where epidemic prevention and control and holiday consumption should go hand in hand.

Shenzhen: "Combination Boxing" Promotes Consumption Effectively, Citizens "Buy, Buy, Buy" during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday

  Author: Tang Wei

  "Go to work quickly, vacations are too expensive! Shopping online with consumer coupons at home, and offline consumption with digital RMB outside. It's very enjoyable to spend, and it only hurts when you settle the bill." Ms. Chen, a Shenzhen resident, teased her like this "Sweet Troubles".

  Visiting the market, watching auto shows, drawing red envelopes, buying appliances, and visiting scenic spots... This Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Shenzhen issued 30 million yuan of digital RMB red envelopes through the Meituan platform. In addition, a new round of "Tesco Shenzhen" 500 million yuan Consumer coupons have been issued continuously from May 28 to June 20. Coupled with a variety of themed activities, major shopping districts in Shenzhen are crowded, and consumption has rebounded significantly.

  On May 23, multiple departments in Shenzhen jointly issued the "Several Measures on Promoting the Continued Recovery of Consumption" (referred to as "Shenzhen's 30 Measures to Promote Consumption"). The intensity is huge, the direction is clear and concentrated, and it focuses on new energy vehicles, electronic products and household appliances. Citizens will enjoy corresponding benefits when purchasing or replacing them.

Supermarkets: hot food and clothing are cold

  At present, Shenzhen's epidemic prevention and control requirements are to wear a mask and 72-hour nucleic acid records when entering and leaving public places, and there are no other travel restrictions.

Citizens make full use of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, shopping and leisure.

  "Lian Zongsan Yuan" sets of rice dumplings, sachets and other special games, delicious food such as Jiawei Kang Gongming sausages and other delicious foods are tasted on site. Many citizens came to play in groups, and the Dragon Boat Festival attracted more than 150,000 people.

  The reporter learned that the Pengcheng Dragon Boat Festival Temple Fair focuses on ten categories such as Dragon Boat Festival gift boxes, "Zhengpin", special food, gold jewelry, clothing and apparel, Shenzhen time-honored brands, etc., and launched product display, food tasting, new product release, interactive experience, and Internet celebrities bring goods. Dozens of Shenzhen’s time-honored brands and Shenzhen’s new consumer brands participated in activities such as check-in, check-in and shop-exploration.

  At around 9:00 p.m. on June 4, the Shenzhen Baoan Yifang City shopping center was still full of people.

Some merchants said that the passenger flow is not much different from that before the epidemic, but it is mainly for eating and entertainment, and there are not many shopping.

At the scene, most of the clothing stores are empty.

  At the door of a chain restaurant, Xiao Liu, who had just finished his meal, told reporters that he won a digital RMB red envelope of 88 yuan, and invited a friend to come to eat to use it. In the end, he only spent less than 30 yuan.

  A manager of a large supermarket told reporters that since April, the flow of people in Shenzhen shopping malls has basically returned to normal. Benefiting from the impact of multiple rounds of consumer coupons issued by Shenzhen, the catering industry has recovered significantly. In addition, due to the restrictions on long-distance travel , so parent-child entertainment, video games and other projects are extremely popular.

However, clothing, cosmetics and other businesses are relatively light, one is affected by e-commerce, and the other is the decline in consumer demand.

New energy vehicle sales:

I'm so busy I don't have time to eat

  "There is a small problem with the refrigerator at home. I heard that the subsidy for buying electrical appliances is very large, so let's take a look. If there is a suitable one, replace it with a new one!" In Shundian, Bao'an District, the reporter met Mr. Ma's family who came to buy home appliances. people.

  "The policy has a great impact and has stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for consumption. Some customers who did not have clear needs will come in to see that the subsidy is so strong. The Dragon Boat Festival has seen a lot more passenger traffic in the past few days, mainly for replacement. ." said a Shundian salesperson.

However, he also admitted that the current sales are not hot. After all, the home appliance industry is closely related to the prosperity of the property market, and the Shenzhen property market has not improved.

  "I'm so busy that I don't have time to eat. A few days before the Dragon Boat Festival, Shenzhen issued a car purchase subsidy policy. The number of customers has increased a lot these days. Personally, I feel that customers will be more comfortable to place orders now, because the subsidy is said to be on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone I don’t want to miss this offer.” At a BYD exhibition center in Bao’an District, Mr. Li, the customer manager, told reporters that the exhibition center can sell more than 20 units a day in the past few days, and the delivery date of some in-demand models has been arranged in 4 months. .

  The sales staff settled the accounts for the reporter. Now it is a good time to buy a car. The national level introduced a policy of halving the purchase tax on May 31; at the provincial level, Guangdong Province has subsidies of 5,000~10,000 yuan; District-level and enterprise-level subsidies can be up to 50,000 yuan in discounts.

Beijing: There are obvious differences in the recovery of passenger flow in the business district. Automobile consumption needs to be recovered.

  Trainee reporter Guo Bohao

  As the current round of the epidemic in Beijing has been effectively controlled, some areas are accelerating the progress of resuming business and markets while ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention.

During the Dragon Boat Festival, reporters from Securities Times visited many popular business districts and parks in Beijing.

Although the flow of people has not fully recovered to the usual level, the popularity of individual business districts represented by Sanlitun has increased significantly compared with that before the festival.

  On June 5, Beijing announced the further implementation of the city-wide social-level prevention and control measures. For areas outside the key epidemic-related areas such as closed (control) control areas, public transportation such as buses, subways, and taxis will operate normally, and catering business units will be open. For dine-in services, various libraries, museums, cinemas and other places will be opened at a 75% limit, and social vitality may recover faster.

Significant differences in the recovery of passenger flow in business districts

  The reporter visited Wangfujing, Xidan, Sanlitun and other business districts during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Overall, passenger flow has picked up, but some business districts are far from returning to the level before the current round of the epidemic.

The Sanlitun business district is a gathering place for young people in Beijing to consume.

On the afternoon of June 3, the reporter arrived at the Taikoo Li parking lot and found that there were no free parking spaces, and the vehicles were queuing up on the roadside to enter the parking lot.

  The security personnel responsible for inspecting the "Health Treasures" told reporters that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Sanlitun's passenger flow basically recovered to 80-90% before the epidemic, and generally more people started at noon.

Afterwards, the reporter visited several clothing stores, and many stores had long queues outside the dressing room, which made people feel that the "vigor" of the Sanlitun business district was rapidly recovering.

  In Wangfujing and Xidan business districts, the recovery of passenger flow is slightly slow.

On Wangfujing Street, you can feel that there are more people than before the festival, and most of the shops have reopened.

The staff of the Apple Experience Store in Beijing Apm Shopping Center told reporters that the store resumed business on June 2, but the passenger flow on the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival was not satisfactory.

  According to the sales report of a clothing store in apm shopping center, in order to reduce the impact of the spread of the epidemic on employees' arrival at work, some companies require employees to go to two points and one line in the place of residence as much as possible, and avoid going to crowded places, which may affect the number of customers who come to the store. , the current store passenger flow has only recovered to the previous level of 50%.

  A staff member of a jewelry store in Xindongan Shopping Center said that the shopping mall requires shortened business hours. At present, the passenger flow is only 20-30% of that before the current round of the epidemic, and the sales situation is not optimistic.

In order to stimulate consumption during the Dragon Boat Festival, there are two 20% off activities in the store.

It is hoped that the epidemic prevention policy will be appropriately relaxed after the epidemic, and the passenger flow of the business district will be restored as soon as possible.

  According to the reporter's observation in the Xidan business district, the passenger flow situation is also quite different from that before the epidemic.

  In terms of movie box office, according to Maoyan platform data, more than half of Beijing's movie theaters have not resumed business yet.

As of June 4, the opening rate of Beijing cinemas was about 39%, contributing 1.94 million yuan to the box office, accounting for only 1.42% of the national box office.

Auto consumption to recover

Fitness in the park is on fire

  Auto sales are the highlight of recent consumption-boosting policies.

On May 31, the Ministry of Finance and the Taxation Bureau jointly issued a document to clarify that during the period from June 1 to December 31, 2022, the price of a bicycle (excluding VAT) does not exceed 300,000 yuan. Vehicles, the vehicle purchase tax will be halved.

  According to Baidu Index, the attention of the policy remained at this high level during the Dragon Boat Festival.

During the reporter's on-site visit, we learned that under the requirements of epidemic prevention, the 4S stores in Chaoyang District, Beijing have basically resumed normal business, while the sales of many 4S stores in Fengtai and Haidian told reporters that they have not resumed business as of noon on June 5. .

  In a Toyota 4S store located in Dongfeng North Bridge, Chaoyang District, the reporter saw that there was only one customer in the store communicating the preferential policies with the sales staff.

The sales staff said that the store has resumed business since May 31, and there are not many customers coming to the store, and it has only recovered to the level of 30 to 40% before the current round of the epidemic.

  However, salespeople generally said that the policy of the purchase tax relief began to be implemented on June 1.

Sales staff at Toyota and Honda auto stores also said that the new policy can cover most of the main sales models in the store.

But at present, the number of people who come to the store to see the car has not increased significantly because of the introduction of the New Deal.

The driving effect of the policy on automobile consumption still needs further observation.

  In addition, the reporter called a number of tourist attractions in Beijing to learn that during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Beijing's major parks strictly implement "limitation, reservation, and peak shift" and temperature measurement and code scanning, and check the negative nucleic acid test certificates of tourists within 48 hours, and take 50% measures such as current limiting.

  During the holiday, the reporter visited many scenic spots such as the Summer Palace and Chaoyang Park.

Chaoyang Park staff told reporters that the park's crowd generally increases from 15:00 and reaches its peak in the evening.

Vendors in the park said that since the reopening of Chaoyang Park on May 28, the daytime passenger flow has only recovered to 30-40% of the pre-epidemic level.

Most tourists come to the park to exercise in the evening. From the day the park opened, those who ran at night quickly recovered to the level before the epidemic, or even higher.

  In the open field of Chaoyang Park, a group of young people are following the coach for a boxing exercise.

It is understood that there are many such fitness groups, covering popular gym items such as yoga and Pilates. They use the holiday time to move the traditional items in the gym to the empty outdoor.

It can be said that it is a new attempt to form fitness under the normalized epidemic prevention and control.

  On June 5, Beijing announced that starting from June 6, catering business units in the city will open dine-in services except for the whole of Fengtai District and some areas of Changping District; express delivery and takeaway service personnel can enter the community (village).

Many citizens told reporters that after the dine-in resumes, there is no need to worry about lunch on weekdays, and if express delivery is allowed to go upstairs, there will be no more worries about express delivery being taken by mistake because it is placed on the shelf. Open, and the familiar rhythm of work and life will return.

Shanghai: Experts suggest to continue to stimulate vitality by making up for strong consumption

  Author: Zhang Shuxian

  During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Shanghai, which has just fully restored normal production and living order, has made a strong recovery in offline consumption.

Securities Times reporters visited a number of shopping centers and found that, except for theaters, gyms and other closed activity venues that have not yet opened, almost all other business formats have resumed business, and the passenger flow has basically returned to the level before the epidemic.

  Lao Lingling, director of the e-commerce research center of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, said in an interview with reporters that offline consumption has recovered more than expected. This is the release of pent-up consumer demand in the past two months. It can be said that it is a short-term recovery of consumption. Further stimulate consumption vitality and continue to promote consumption recovery.

Offline consumption is seeing retaliatory growth

  On the morning of June 3, when the reporter came to a shopping center in Minhang, Shanghai, there was a long queue at the entrance. Consumers entered after scanning the store code and taking their temperature. The number of customers in the shopping center was basically the same as before the epidemic.

  More than 90% of the merchants in the shopping center have opened their doors to welcome customers.

In a cosmetics membership store, customers are choosing products in twos and threes, and the large discount rate attracts consumers to put one piece of cosmetics into the shopping basket.

"After being locked up for nearly three months, there are too many things missing, and I can finally buy them freely." A customer told reporters.

  Unlike most other shopping malls that have not yet opened food and beverage outlets, individual food and beverage outlets in this shopping center have allowed in-store dining.

A staff member of a hot pot chain restaurant told reporters that there are currently restrictions on the number of people, and the maximum passenger flow cannot exceed 50%. "There will be several tables in each area."

  On the afternoon of June 4, when the reporter came to another shopping center, there was more traffic, and except for catering, which could not be dine-in, the rest of the business had resumed business, including supermarkets, beauty, clothing and gold jewelry stores.

  On the morning of June 5, the Costco supermarket was crowded with various products, and some meat products were sold out shortly after the store opened. At around 12:20 in the morning, nearly 7,000 people entered the store.

  Compared with shopping malls and supermarkets, street shops have almost all resumed business.

Take a breakfast shop near the reporter's community as an example. Although the price of each fried dough stick has risen from 2 yuan to 2.5 yuan after the epidemic, there are still long queues every morning.

  Although the consumption data during the short and long holiday has not yet been released, Lao Ling expects that the data may reach the same period last year or even exceed the same period last year, "This can be seen as the release of pent-up consumer demand, that is, a short-term replenishment of consumption. "

It is recommended to further stimulate consumption vitality

  Since Shanghai has launched a series of measures to encourage car consumption, during the short holiday, the reporter visited car sales stores and found that many consumers came to inquire about car purchases.

  In the early morning of June 3, Mr. Li came to a 4S shop to inquire about vehicle purchases. "The license plate quota has increased, and the purchase tax of some cars has been halved, so I have the idea of ​​buying a car."

  The "Shanghai Action Plan for Accelerating Economic Recovery and Revitalization" (referred to as Article 50) recently issued by Shanghai pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously promote automobile consumption.

The reporter visited and found that compared with fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles are more popular.

The sales stores of Tesla, NIO and Lili have customers inquiring about car purchases.

In a Tesla sales store, the staff told reporters that after the resumption of business, people who come to inquire can still come to consult, "The state subsidies for new energy vehicles, the purchase tax reduction and the subsidy of 10,000 yuan in Shanghai, the discounts add up to about 50%. million."

  "From the consumption promotion measures that have been introduced in Shanghai, the consumption of automobiles is the largest. For example, if 40,000 license plates are cast, the effect will be immediate." Lao Lingling told reporters, "The driving effect of bulk consumption is the fastest, except for automobiles. In addition to consumption, Shanghai should also formulate detailed subsidy rules for bulk consumption such as home appliances and household appliances as soon as possible.” It is reported that Shanghai has proposed the implementation of the home appliance trade-in plan in Article 50, and appropriate subsidies for consumption of green smart home appliances, green building materials, and energy-saving products are provided according to regulations. .

  Lao Lingling said that after a short period of consumption, how to further stimulate the vitality of consumption and continue to promote the recovery of consumption, relevant departments and merchants in Shanghai should use more brains.

  "The 'May 5th Shopping Festival' launched in Shanghai in previous years is a good attempt. This year has passed. How to optimize the plan and combine the three of festival creation, promotion and people-benefiting policies to produce a multiplier effect?" Lao Lingling Said, "Offline merchants should take advantage of the situation and use 'good products, good services, and good experience' to further gather popularity in shopping malls; online merchants should use the thinking of platform economy to further stimulate domestic demand."

  "Consumer coupons are a tool in the toolbox of consumption promotion policies in many places. I hope Shanghai can introduce more refined consumption promotion measures." Lao Lingling believes that considering that small and micro enterprises are "injured" in the epidemic, they can consider Design some bailout coupons to be used at small and micro enterprises.