As the labor shortage in the nursing care and medical fields becomes more serious, there is a service that makes it possible to support the health management and rehabilitation of the elderly without human intervention by using the latest digital technologies such as sensors, AI and artificial intelligence. increasing.

Of these, NEC's subsidiary has started a service for nursing care facilities that can check the time and number of times people are in by installing devices equipped with sensors and AI in the toilet.

AI also analyzes the condition of the stool through the sensor, and the smartphone of the care staff at a remote location is notified of the usage status and health status of the toilet, and if there is an abnormality, it can be dealt with promptly.

Mr. Tsutomu Mieno, who was in charge of development, says, "We are working to solve problems in the long-term care field with an awareness of issues."

The Sony Group has also created a new company with the operating company of the medical information site and started a service to support rehabilitation at home with a smartphone app.

When you take a picture of rehabilitation with a smartphone, AI analyzes the inclination of the body and where the center of gravity is, and gives advice on how to move the body correctly.

Yukiko Yamane, president of the operating company, said, "There are voices saying that even if you know that rehabilitation at home is important, it will not last long. I want to make it a service that will help eliminate anxiety."