5 (Reuters) - Sanctions on Russian gas could cost German taxpayers and gas users an extra 5 billion euros a year, Germany's Welt am Sonntag newspaper reported on June 5, citing industry representatives


for the purchase of alternative natural gas.

  Russia decided in May to stop sending Gazprom Germany, a former Gazprom division, to trustee management in May due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, the report said. Company gas.

  Since then, the German Federal Energy Agency, acting as the company's trustee, has had to buy alternative natural gas on the market to fulfill the company's supply contracts with municipal utilities and regional gas suppliers across Germany.

  German Economy Minister Robert Habeck estimated that an additional 10 million cubic meters of gas per day would be needed, which would cost about 3.5 billion euros a year at current prices, the report quoted the Welt am Sonntag as reported.

Fees are set to rise further due to Habeck's order on Wednesday to fill the gas storage facility in Redden, the paper said.

  The paper also said the increased costs will be passed on to energy suppliers and end users in the form of a gas tax from October.

  The German economy ministry declined to comment on the scale of the fee increase, and there was no immediate response from the ministry to an email from reporters seeking comment, Le Monde said.

(Compiler/Cao Weiguo)