“Russia is actively exporting food and will try to cover the food shortage in the world.

Our export of the same wheat in the coming season is expected to be 13 million tons more than a year earlier,” he said.

Commenting on the situation around grain stocks in Ukraine, the presidential aide emphasized that the analysis of the US Department of Agriculture estimates them not at 20 million tons, but at 6 million tons.

“Even 20 million tons is only 2.5% of global wheat production.

And in terms of total food, this is less than 0.5% of all food produced in the world,” Oreshkin said.

According to him, "these are not such big numbers."

For example, India alone in wheat production loses 11 million tons due to drought.

“There are many such factors that influence.

And it is clear that they occur on such a scale, in such volumes every year.

Somewhere there is a drought, somewhere there are other problems, but there has not been such a pumping of money, such problems in the energy market for a long time, and in fact this is the root of all problems, ”summed up Oreshkin.

At the end of May, the head of the Russian state, Vladimir Putin, told the leaders of France and Germany about Moscow's readiness to contribute to the search for options for the unhindered export of grain.

He stressed that Russia is ready to help overcome the food crisis through the export of grain and fertilizers, but for this it is necessary to remove the politically motivated restrictions that Western countries have introduced.