It achieved a growth rate of 30.5% during May 2022

«Economy»: 8,095 new trademarks were registered within 5 months

«Economy»: The great activity in brands reflects the global position of the Emirates.


The Ministry of Economy announced the registration of 8,095 new trademarks in the UAE during the first five months of 2022, amid a great diversity of trademarks registered by local and foreign companies, as a result of the country's growing attractiveness as an investment and commercial center in the region and the world.

Monthly registration

The trademarks report for the month of May 2022 issued by the ministry showed that 1662 trademarks were registered during May alone, an increase of 30.5% compared to May 2021, which registered 1273 trademarks, which is a strong indication of the acceleration of growth in the economic and commercial sectors in the country, and the strength of the economy. And consolidating the UAE’s position as a major destination for investment, trade and business regionally and globally, after fully recovering from the repercussions of the Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.

The report pointed out that 1673 trademarks were registered in April 2022, 1610 trademarks in the previous March, and 1,400 trademarks in February, while January 2022 witnessed the registration of 1750 trademarks.

Major sectors The report indicated that the trademarks registered in May 2022 included various commodity and service sectors, and major local, regional and international companies.

The registered sectors included: technology and technical solutions, electronic dealing, health care, medical systems, medicines and medical and surgical devices, as well as the oil, logistics, food, beverages, banking, aviation, space, science, industry, agriculture, fishing and navigation supplies sectors. Marine and boats.

It also included the sectors of restaurant and hotel management, real estate, education, contracting and building materials, trade and financial business, auditing and taxes, cars and spare parts, electronics and phones, asset management, training, consulting and project management, law, gold and jewelry, perfumes and incense, clothing, fabrics and textiles, furniture. And decorative accessories, watches, entertainment, sports services and their equipment.

government incentives

The momentum witnessed by the trademark sector in the country reflects the continued entry of major international companies into the local market, whether through the opening of regional headquarters in the country, or through agents.

The package of incentives launched by the federal government during the past months has contributed to enhancing the activity of the trademark sector, so that the country maintains its position as the most attractive and competitive investment environment in the region.

This large and growing activity in the trademark sector registered in the state supports the position of the UAE as a regional and global center for major companies that take the state as their preferred headquarters, to produce and manufacture within the state, and in free zones to meet the needs of the local market, and export and re-export to the countries of the world, as well. Its position is supported as a major destination for retail trade and various shopping brands, especially with the high demand for various goods and services in light of the ease of doing business and facilitating the procedures for registering goods and services.

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