BicCamera, a consumer electronics retailer, will introduce a new system that can promote sales staff with specialized knowledge as specialists in customer service and sales floor creation, and make the same level of treatment as managers such as store managers.

The aim is to increase the motivation to work and have them work for a long time at the sales site.

BicCamera has about 3,600 sales staff nationwide, but about 5% of the total are managers such as store managers and deputy store managers, and the other sales staff are different in terms of treatment.

For this reason, the company decided to introduce a new system from September in order to motivate sales staff to work and to have them work for as long as possible at the sales site.

Under the new system, apart from careers aiming for managerial positions, salespeople with specialized knowledge such as acquiring qualifications such as home appliance advisors and sommeliers are certified as "Meisters" and promoted as specialists in customer service and sales floor creation. increase.

Furthermore, in the case of the top-level Meister, the salary can be the same as that of managers such as store managers.

Toru Akiu, Senior Managing Executive Officer of Bic Camera, said, "The challenge was that there was no environment in which sales staff who wanted to work by making the most of their abilities could play an active role. I'm talking.

As the labor shortage continues, there are widespread movements among companies, such as appointing part-time employees to executive positions and introducing a system that allows them to be promoted to managerial positions regardless of age.