Carole Ferry 06h20, June 01, 2022

From Wednesday June 1, it will be possible to terminate your borrower insurance contract at any time.

This change will allow borrowers to make significant savings.

Indeed, the bank's insurance rate is not necessarily the most advantageous. 

From June 1, French people taking out a mortgage will be able to change insurer at any time, free of charge.

Initially, the reform resulting from the Lemoine law passed in February will only apply to new contracts.

This change can be a real gain in purchasing power, because very often, when you sign a mortgage, the reflex is to take out insurance from the bank that gave you the price.

A gain around 15,000 euros 

Except that this rate is not necessarily the most advantageous rate.

By taking out insurance elsewhere, the gain can be substantial.

According to Maël Bernier, spokesperson for, the average gain when changing insurance is around 15,000 euros.

Obviously, the interest varies according to the files.

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The more you have a high loan, the younger you are and the more you initially paid for insurance that was a little too expensive, the more interesting the gain will be.

This change is valid for new contracts.

For those who are in progress, it will be from September.

No more need for a medical questionnaire

Another change from today: people who have been cured of cancer or hepatitis C for at least five years are no longer obliged to inform their insurance companies of their medical history.

And then, finally, there is no longer any need for a medical questionnaire when the price is less than 200,000 euros per person, 400,000 euros for a couple and the loan is repaid before age 60.