Zhongxin Finance, June 1st. Regarding the report on the Internet on June 1 involving the Hainan Sports Lottery video electronic instant game project, on the 1st, the Hainan Provincial Sports Lottery Management Center issued a statement in response that the video electronic instant game does not involve Internet sales, sales Only in physical stores, offline sales through dedicated sales equipment.

Statement screenshot.

  According to the statement, the electronic instant lottery game for sports entertainment video in Hainan Province was approved by the Ministry of Finance in September 2014, and was piloted and sold in Hainan Province in January 2015.

Recently, the technical system upgrade is being implemented, the game rules have not been adjusted, and no new games have been added.

  The statement said that the business model after the system upgrade will change the betting card from a physical card to an electronic virtual card. The betting card is used in accordance with the approval requirements of the Ministry of Finance and is dedicated.

  The statement also stated that the video electronic instant lottery currently does not have the conditions for channel expansion. When the conditions are mature, our center will start channel expansion through open invitations.