As summer approaches, ice cream is gradually becoming a "regular customer" in the topic list and consumption list.

Recently, Bianlifeng announced the consumption of ice cream in May. The data shows that the sales of ice cream in many stores have experienced a fluctuating growth, and the growth momentum is expected to continue to July and August.

At the same time, affected by the epidemic, ice cream is considered to be a hard currency with pleasing functions after cola.

In May, the attention of ice cream has increased, and festivals, temperature, and epidemic have become influential factors

  On May 31, at a convenience bee near Financial Street, there were old ice creams such as Yili, Baxi, Mengniu and newer brands such as Tian Mu, Prala and Zhong Xue Gao in the freezer. "Inner Roll", the competition of these ice creams this year is aimed at quality and appearance. While emphasizing the addition of high-end raw materials such as "fresh milk" and "imported milk", many ice creams are collectively integrated into articles including Phoenix Tower, Tuan Fan, Bird's Nest, etc. Create concept.

  "The obvious feeling is that the ice cream in the store has been selling faster recently," the store clerk said. "Especially for the new products such as Aso Shanqingwang ice cream newly introduced in the store, consumers are very willing to try it."

  According to the statistics of Convenience Bee, since May, the ice cream in many stores has attracted the attention of consumers, and the search volume of the app and the sales volume of the store have begun to fluctuate.

At the same time, the popularity of ice cream has increased on Labor Day and the rising temperature. "We also found that due to the epidemic, many consumers prefer to buy ice cream in bulk after working from home, compared to the daily eat-and-buy type," said Convenience Bee. The relevant person in charge said, "We expect that the growth momentum of ice cream will continue to at least July."

  Including the convenience bee, offline channels are the main battlefield for ice cream consumption.

The "2022 China Ice Cream/Ice Cream Industry Trend Report" shows that in 2021, the sales volume of ice cream offline channels will account for 80% of the overall sales. Although online channels are gradually making more efforts in ice cream sales, the dominant position of offline channels is still stable. .

  In addition, it is further learned that in order to prepare for the next hot season of ice cream consumption, Bianlifeng will complete more than half of the new ice cream introduction plan in the first half of this year.

The pleasing features of ice cream are valued, and the price also affects the "nerve" of consumption

  "For the sake of keeping fit, I rarely eat ice cream, just like I seldom drink Coke, but after working from home for a while, I suddenly found that I eat ice cream and drink Coke more frequently. The main reason is that sweets can In addition to making yourself feel good, it is also a compensation for yourself after the reduction of other ways of going out to relax,” said Ms. Wang, who lives near Chaoyang Joy City.

  The consumption characteristics of pleasing oneself and pleasing people are particularly evident in ice cream.

In the summary of the consumption of ice cream in Bianlifeng in May, ice cream with low sugar, low fat and low calorie or using natural ingredients has the advantage of being selected. The function of publishing social channels is also favored by consumers.

  Nevertheless, price is still an important factor affecting the "nerve" of many consumers.

As more and more consumers lamented that "the current ice cream is made to look like I can't afford it", the classic ice creams such as Baxi, Kaeduo, and Qiao Lezi in the convenience bee store below 8 yuan received attention in reverse. It has become the object that some consumers are willing to reserve in bulk.

  According to the relevant person in charge of Convenience Bee: "At present, our Convenience Bee ice cream has nearly 150 SKUs, covering various ranges in terms of price, taste, function and other dimensions. These ice creams will be put on the basis of adapting to big data. to meet the differentiated needs of consumers.”