Zhongxin Finance, June 1 (Reporter Wu Tao) Recently, a number of website platforms have announced that minors are prohibited from participating in live recharge and rewards, and upgraded protection measures. When suspected minors recharge and consume, the system will carry out intercept.

Minors are prohibited from live recharging and rewarding

  Douyin said in May that it will upgrade the “cruise” of minor protection. When suspected minor users make live broadcast consumption, the system will prompt a pop-up window to require real-name authentication of the account. If the user refuses or is authenticated as a minor, the account will consume will be blocked and no recharges will be allowed.

Screenshot of the announcement released by Kuaishou.

  Kuaishou stated on June 1 that the platform explicitly prohibits minors from participating in live recharge and reward consumption behavior, and adheres to a "zero tolerance" attitude towards illegal behaviors that maliciously induce minors to recharge and consume. The anchors or brokerages who cheat and induce them to recharge and reward will be severely punished once found.

  Tencent also said a few days ago that under the "teenage mode" of the WeChat video account, teenagers will not be able to use functions such as live broadcast rewards.

  As early as May 7, four departments including the Central Civilization Office and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the "Opinions on Regulating Online Live Streaming Rewards and Strengthening the Protection of Minors" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), explicitly prohibiting minors from participating in live broadcasting. reward.

  The "Opinions" stated that the website platform prohibits the provision of various reward services such as cash recharge, "gift" purchase, online payment, etc. for minors, and must not develop and launch functional applications that attract minors to give rewards, and must not develop to induce minors to participate. various "gifts".

Prohibit the use of "net celebrity children" for profit

  Not only are live broadcast rewards prohibited, but minors who engage in anchors are also strictly controlled.

  Kuaishou said that anchors must conduct real-name authentication during the broadcast registration certification process to prevent minors under the age of 16 from opening live broadcast rights. If minors between the ages of 16 and 18 need to apply for live broadcast rights, they should obtain the consent of their guardians and submit a written request to the platform. report.

  "Kuishou will severely crack down on the use of 'net celebrity children' to make profits, malicious marketing hype, and gain attention in live broadcasts, and the account will be banned if found."

Many platforms require a real name before the broadcast.


  Douyin said that under the "teenager mode", users cannot open and watch the live broadcast, and there is no entry for recharge, rewards, etc.; outside the "teenager mode", the real name must be used to start the broadcast, and minors cannot start the live broadcast.

According to the data, Douyin cancels 178 minor accounts on a daily basis.

  The WeChat video account stated that the platform has strict management regulations for the live broadcast of minors. If any illegal live broadcast content involving minors is found, measures such as cutting off, punishing, and deducting credit points will be taken immediately according to the degree of violation.

  On May 30, the State Administration of Radio and Television issued a document stipulating that brokerage agencies and brokers in the radio, television and online audio-visual fields provide brokerage services for minors, and the consent of their legal guardians should be obtained in advance.

Brokerage services shall not be provided to minors by means of intimidation, deception or bribes.

Unconditional refund in case of minor tipping

  How to judge whether a user is a minor?

The "Opinions" pointed out that the website platform should strictly implement the real-name system requirements, and optimize and upgrade the "teenage model".

  The reporter noticed that if some platform accounts are currently in the "teenage mode", they cannot exit automatically. Even if the app is uninstalled and reinstalled, or the mobile phone is changed to log in, it will be invalid, and if they go online again, they will still be forced to enter the "teenage mode".

  However, some anchors induce users during the live broadcast, "Minors are not allowed to give rewards. I tell you that you can use your dad's ID card to register." Many platforms said that they will strengthen inspections in such situations and will not induce minors. Rewarding anchors have zero tolerance.

  Tencent said that if the anchor of the WeChat video account guides minors to give rewards, once the platform is verified, the punishment will be increased, and the most serious will be permanently banned from live broadcast on the video account.

  Douyin and Kuaishou both stated that they have opened a customer service line for 24-hour connection for the minors who have already appeared, and once verified, they will be refunded unconditionally.