On the first day of the 9-euro ticket, the need for advice is still huge.

While the Federal Minister of Transport, Volker Wissing (FDP), is already intoxicated by the sheer number of tickets sold (“The ticket has long since reached the hearts of the citizens”), the employees at the service counters and in the buses and trains have to do a great job .

Nadine Bos

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Corinna Budras

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For example in the ICE Cologne-Frankfurt, express route, half past seven in the morning.

Long-distance commuters have boarded.

It's moderately crowded, more laptop bags than trolley cases.

An elderly lady has also settled down among all the people who are already working, and she only notices this when the inspector arrives.

But then everyone listens: “You have a 9-euro ticket!” – “Yes, I bought that right away.” – “But this is the ICE, you can’t use it here.” – “But the regional express was late.” – “Nevertheless not.” – “But now it’s June 1st, that’s valid now.” – “Yes, but not on this train.” – “Why not?” – “Because that’s only in regional trains." - "But the regional train didn't come!

And then you can still use the ICE.” – “But only in NRW.

We are already in Rhineland-Palatinate.

“ – “And what do we do now?” – “Yes – hmmm – well.

I'll ask my colleague."

Pentecost chaos is imminent

Conversely, the railways can still surprise positively with their three-month discount campaign.

The elderly couple, for example, who want to drive to Salzgitter on Saturday and are already inquiring about suitable connections at the service counter.

The ticket is very worthwhile, especially on the route, advises the employee behind the counter, especially since the pensioners would only reach their destination slightly faster in the express train.

Then: Great joy about the low price, which is reinforced by the fact that, to the surprise of the customers, the ticket is not only valid for one trip, but for the whole month.

In addition, the delays posted on the blackboard in the afternoon almost exclusively affect long-distance trains.

In regional traffic, these commuters might even be better off.

It is quite possible that this will change over the weekend.

The Pentecost holidays are approaching, and experience has shown that the lanes are packed even without bargain hunters.

This Wednesday, however, it is said everywhere: "Today we had a very quiet start of operations on the railway in local transport," said railway spokesman Achim Stauss in Berlin.

The ticket is part of the government's relief package - just like the tank discount, which has also been in effect since Wednesday.

Two contrary incentive systems, which probably outdid each other at the beginning of the respective campaign on June 1st, in any case the 9-euro ticket at the beginning has no significant effect on commuter traffic, as an analysis by the traffic data expert TomTom showed.

In ten major German cities and regions, the company found slightly fewer and shorter traffic jams on Wednesday morning than the day before and on Wednesday two weeks ago.

However, depending on the city, the overall flow of traffic was sometimes better, sometimes worse.

While it is still being discussed at the petrol pump whether the tax reduction will also be passed on to drivers, the relief was felt immediately in public transport - even among subscribers.

In any case, the Berlin transport company already started on Wednesday to reimburse the overpaid amount for the month of June.

A regular customer beamed with joy that the money had already been transferred to her account without being asked.