Zhongxin Finance, May 31 (Reporter Li Jinlei) Brand crossovers occur every year, but this year seems to be particularly numerous.

Recently, Moutai began to sell ice cream. Moutai launched 3 pre-packaged ice creams on the 29th, two of which are priced at 66 yuan a cup, and the other is priced at 59 yuan.

These 3 Moutai ice creams are also available on the "i Moutai" App, with instant delivery within 3 hours, and a delivery fee of 45 yuan per order.

  Moutai sells ice cream, which surprised many people, "Does it count as drunk driving?" "This ice cream has been kept in the refrigerator for a few years, can the price increase?" "Moutai can't afford it, can Moutai afford it?" "This is Is it cross-border or not doing business?"...

  Faced with the "question of the soul" from netizens, Maotai explained that selling ice cream across borders is the first breakthrough that Maotai has tried to break the traditional, stable, and business-like "stereotype" and proactively approach young consumer groups. Many young people pay attention to Maotai, recognize Maotai, and fall in love with Maotai.

  At present, the mainstream consumer demand in the domestic market is becoming more and more obvious, such as younger, online, personalized, healthy and other trends, which brings great challenges to the traditional consumer goods industry, "Why don't young people who grab baijiu like to drink baijiu? "It has also become an urgent problem to be solved in the liquor industry.

  Many liquor brands have played cross-border before, such as Luzhou Laojiao selling perfume.

This time, Moutai's seemingly "not doing business" cross-border sales is also trying to attract young consumer groups. It is a kind of "pleasure" for young people. It also uses the symbol of fashionable ice cream to show the brand's innovation and vitality.

  But whether this "pleasant" works, and how many people are willing to pay, is worth watching.

For Moutai ice cream, many netizens believe that both the price and the delivery fee are really expensive.

According to a poll of 4,527 people on Weibo, 1,913 votes chose "too expensive, and was persuaded by the price", accounting for 42%.

  The high price of Moutai has made young people unaffordable. If ice cream also makes people feel unattainable and not close to the people, then it is necessary to reflect on the meaning of this cross-border.