China News Service, Shanghai, May 31 (Reporter Chen Jing) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai held on the 31st, Zong Ming, deputy mayor of Shanghai, said that the total number of people in the closed area of ​​Shanghai has dropped to 200,000. Below, the total number of people in the prevention area has reached more than 22 million, this round of epidemic has been effectively controlled, and the prevention and control situation has continued to improve.

From June 1, Shanghai will enter the stage of fully restoring normal production and living order.

Previously, Shanghai has carried out stress tests to restore normal production and living order in Fengxian, Jinshan and Chongming districts.

  Wu Jinglei, director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said that on the 30th, there were 9 new local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 22 local asymptomatic infections in Shanghai.

  Zong Ming pointed out that the task of reducing new growth and preventing rebound is still arduous.

In the next step, Shanghai will fully implement the normalized management of epidemic prevention and control under the premise of strictly adhering to the bottom line of preventing a large-scale rebound and ensuring that risks are controllable, and fully restore the normal production and life order in the city.

  Zong Ming pointed out that with the restoration of access to residential quarters, except for medium and high-risk areas, closed and controlled areas, and control areas, districts, towns and village committees, property committees, property management companies, etc., shall not restrict residents living in the community for any reason. Villagers come and go.

  Shanghai relies on detection, electronic, sampling, monitoring, and flow monitoring to establish and improve a convenient and sensitive discovery mechanism. Through "nucleic acid + antigen, site code + digital sentinel, fever clinic + pharmacy monitoring", etc. Persons at risk are found; those entering public places with clear epidemic prevention requirements and those taking public transportation must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours; schools, enterprises and other units must effectively implement the zero-fever reporting system, strengthen personnel health monitoring, and discover People with abnormal symptoms should be sent to the doctor for investigation in time.

  According to Zong Ming, starting from June 1, the city's ground bus and rail transit networks will resume basic operation, and the operation of Jiangnan Ferry (including Sandao passenger transport) will resume in an orderly manner; the implementation of the electronic vehicle pass system will be terminated. Ride-hailing vehicles will resume normal operation; except for medium and high-risk areas, closed and controlled areas, and control areas, private cars and units use vehicles to travel normally; for those who drive motor vehicles entering and exiting city crossings, measures such as nucleic acid negative certificate inspections will continue to be implemented.

  In terms of external transportation, from June 1, Shanghai will basically resume normal operation of railways and passengers entering and leaving the station.

It is reported that inter-provincial road passenger transport adopts the "one line, one plan" and resumes through consultation; aviation gradually resumes domestic flights to Shanghai, and adjusts the passenger load factor of relevant airlines' flights to Shanghai; inter-provincial passenger transport by water will resume as appropriate.

She pointed out that Shanghai will choose to lift the existing epidemic prevention and control measures on the road leaving Shanghai and entering Shanghai.

  Regarding the resumption of business and the market, shopping malls, supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies and other commercial outlets will resume offline business in an orderly manner.

Starting from June 1, the total passenger flow will not exceed 75% of the maximum carrying capacity. Shanghai encourages qualified companies to make online reservations.

According to Zong Ming, the farmers' market will resume in an orderly manner; bathing and beauty services will resume operations by appointments and current restrictions; postal express will resume processing centers and business outlets in an orderly manner, and gradually resume personal delivery services; housekeeping and home appliance maintenance services will gradually resume operations; All kinds of cultural tourism and stadiums will resume in order. Starting from June 1, outdoor A-level tourist attractions will be gradually opened in an orderly manner, and measures such as "staggered peaks, reservations, and current restrictions" will be implemented, and the total passenger flow will not exceed the maximum capacity of the scenic area. Closed places such as theaters, cultural and expo venues, gyms and other closed places are temporarily closed, and subsequent adjustments will be made according to the situation; parks will be opened in an orderly manner with limited flow and staggered peaks.

  Starting from June 1, under the premise of good epidemic prevention management, Shanghai will speed up the full resumption of work and production in enterprises, parks, and buildings.

Businesses and communities within the epidemic-free areas will continue to operate from home or point-to-point in accordance with relevant regulations.

From June 1, under the premise of strictly implementing various prevention and control measures, government service windows will be opened in an orderly manner.

Party and government organs and institutions, except for those living in medium and high-risk areas, closed and controlled areas, and control areas, return to work normally.

  Zong Ming pointed out that while strengthening self-health monitoring, the public should take the initiative to vaccinate against the new coronavirus, and consciously abide by various epidemic prevention regulations such as nucleic acid testing, code scanning, and temperature measurement.