[On-site visit] The first annual auto exhibition debuts in Shenzhen!

Super 2 billion real money subsidy blessing!

Yu Chengdong appeared at the Hongmeng Auto booth, and BYD moved to the car sales hall...

  On May 28, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Motor Show opened.

The reporter from China Securities Journal and China Securities Taurus went to Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center early to see the exhibition. The scene was crowded and very lively.

  As the first exhibition of the auto industry this year, the "ice-breaking" significance of this event is prominent, attracting many auto companies and industry experts to discuss on the same stage.

As topical figures in the automotive circle, Yu Chengdong from Huawei and He Xiaopeng from Xiaopeng Motors all made their appearances and shared their thoughts on the new energy vehicle industry.

BYD's sales team has a strong lineup and directly moved the "car sales hall" to the scene.

  According to the official WeChat account of China UnionPay Shenzhen Branch, in order to promote industrial development and automobile consumption, the special car trade-in action and automobile consumption subsidies of the governments of Guangdong Province, Shenzhen City and various districts are superimposed and released in conjunction with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show, with a total amount exceeding 2 billion yuan. Yuan to help the automobile consumer market in the Bay Area.

  New energy vehicles are popular

  From May 28 to June 5, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

At 8:50 in the morning, outside the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the audience was already waiting in a long queue to enter the venue.

  After entering the venue, reporters from China Securities Journal and China Securities Taurus first went to Hall 9.

In Hall 9, there are Xiaopeng, Aian, Nezha, Zhiji, AITO, Jihu, Geometry, Feifan, Lantu and other new energy vehicle forces.

  Going down the escalator in Hall 9 is Xiaopeng's booth. In addition to displaying P5, P7, and G9 cars, Xiaopeng also brought out a future-oriented flying car.

A total of 11 vehicles were displayed at the GAC Aeon booth, and one of them, TIME, a future-oriented concept car, attracted many audiences to stop and watch.

  Yu Chengdong at the Hongmeng Auto booth

  Ask the world M5 in style

  A reporter from China Securities Journal and China Securities Taurus found at the auto show that there were light pole advertisements at the M5 booth of AITO Automotive Industry.

As the first Hongmeng cockpit smart car under the blessing of Huawei, Wenjie M5 participated in the auto show for the first time.

  At about 10:30 in the morning, Yu Chengdong, Executive Director of Huawei and CEO of Smart Car Solutions BU, had a dialogue with more than 10 invited visitors in the conference room of the AITO booth.

At about 12:30 noon, Yu Chengdong also watched the Wenjie M5 exhibition car on the spot. Obviously, this car is his "favorite".

  As the "spokesperson" of Huawei's brand, Yu Chengdong has achieved some success in selling cars.

According to the data of the China Passenger Transport Association, in April, the sales of new energy SUVs ranked No. 8 with 3,245 units of Wenjie M5; 4,167 units of Ideal ONE were sold, ranked No. 7.

In March, Wenjie M5 sold 3,045 units, ranking 12th.

This also means that Wenjie M5 has been delivered in the second month, and the ranking has risen by 4.

  In addition to the Wenjie M5, another Huawei partner, Jihu, moved out of the Alpha S (HI version).

This model is equipped with Huawei's intelligent driving solution and is the first mass-produced vehicle of Huawei's intelligent driving.

  BYD is hot on the spot

  "Car sales hall" moved to the showroom

  Walking out of Hall 9, a reporter from China Securities Journal, China Securities Taurus came to Hall 1, and BYD's booth was particularly eye-catching.

The company has a luxurious lineup. In terms of models, in addition to the currently popular "Dynasty" series models such as Qin, Han and Tang, BYD also brought destroyers, Dolphins and other "Ocean" series models to the booth.

In addition, according to the on-site staff, BYD's just-released seal model will also make its public debut at the Auto Show on May 29.

  BYD's booth not only displayed many cars, but also many audiences and many sales staff.

Behind the BYD booth is the VIP negotiation area arranged by BYD. The scene is full of negotiating sales personnel and customers, and the scene is very popular.

Obviously, BYD came prepared and moved the large "car sales hall" directly to the auto show.

  BYD is currently the leader in the domestic new energy vehicle industry.

Haitong International pointed out that BYD's leading position in domestic new energy vehicles is significant, and it is optimistic that both volume and price will rise in the future.

In the first four months of 2022, BYD's production and sales continued to record highs. From January to April, the company produced a total of 395,000 new energy vehicles and sold 392,400 vehicles.

In the first quarter of 2022, the company's market share is about 25%, ranking first, and it ranks first in the ten cities with the highest sales of new energy vehicles in the country.

  Haitong International said that at present, BYD's leading position in domestic new energy vehicles is stable, and a number of popular models have laid the foundation for sales.

In the future, the company's production capacity is still expanding rapidly. With the launch of many models such as the Seal, sales may still grow rapidly in the future.

  Government and enterprises join hands to promote consumption recovery

  Since the beginning of this year, affected by the repeated epidemics, the domestic offline exhibition industry has been under pressure for a time.

As the "first exhibition of the year" in the auto industry, this year's Greater Bay Area Auto Show plays an important role in restarting auto consumption and boosting industry confidence.

  China Securities Journal, China Securities Taurus reporter learned that during the exhibition, the government and enterprises joined hands to take multiple measures, and the organizing committee joined hands with a number of car companies to "relieve the burden" for consumers.

  In 2022, in order to accelerate the release of consumption potential, from the central government to the local government, from the government to the enterprise, measures such as subsidies, increased quotas and concessions will be launched one after another: the Guangdong Provincial Government launched the "Guangdong Automobile Trade-in Special Action" and "Guangdong New Energy Vehicle Purchase Subsidy" Activity"; Shenzhen Municipal Government launched the "Shenzhen "Old-for-New" Car Purchase Reward", and added 10,000 car purchase indicators.

  Among them, the subsidy quota for special trade-in activities in Guangdong Province is as high as 250 million yuan, and the subsidy quota for trade-in activities in Shenzhen is as high as 1 billion yuan.

Various districts in Shenzhen have also launched car-purchasing consumption subsidy packages to boost auto consumption confidence with real money.

  This year's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show has been highly valued and supported by relevant provincial and municipal departments, and a series of car purchase subsidies and preferential policies covering the period of the auto show have been strongly blessed.

  It is reported that this year's Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Auto Show has joined forces with a number of auto companies to inject firm confidence into the Bay Area auto market with practical actions, and launched a 30 million yuan car purchase discount that can be used in combination with provincial and municipal subsidies.

For on-site car purchases with the credit card, a single brand can enjoy a maximum of 10,000 yuan of preferential subsidies outside the provincial and urban areas, and a maximum of 50,000 yuan of comprehensive car consumption subsidies on the spot.

  In addition to showcasing the latest models of auto brands, this year's auto show also gathers "pioneer" companies in auto technology, and specially organized and planned the first "Stack-up Full Stack Dynamic 2022: Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Future Auto Innovation and Integration Pioneer Dialogue" in China's auto industry. , focused on the latest products and cutting-edge technologies of intelligent network and autonomous vehicles, and conducted in-depth discussions and comprehensive demonstrations.