The circle of friends exploded!

Over 200 million people watched, Luo Dayou and Stefanie Sun's online concert released "nostalgic traffic", and listed companies aimed at opportunities

  On the evening of May 27, was your circle of friends swiped by Luo Dayou and Stefanie Sun?

  The popularity of online performances has "swept away" the "sickness of lovesickness" that fans cannot go to the concert to watch.

On the one hand, "Asian queen" Sun Yanzi accompanied 240 million people to recall their youth, and on the other hand, "Music Godfather" Luo Dayou led more than 40 million people to "return to childhood", and gained more than 83 million likes. May seems to be the most suitable season for nostalgia.

  Online performances release "nostalgic traffic"

  Affected by the epidemic, the public's memory of watching large-scale offline concerts mostly stays in 2019.

Since then, the number of offline live music performances and performances has dropped sharply, and many platforms have planned and launched online music performances.

  Since the end of last year, Xicheng Boys and Mayday have launched online concerts one after another; not long ago, Leslie Cheung’s high-definition restored version of the concert was launched, with over 17 million plays in two hours; in April, Cui Jian’s online concert was watched by over 46 million people; on May 20 On the 21st and 21st, Jay Chou's two concerts were re-screened online, with nearly 100 million viewers, setting a record for the most viewers of online concerts.

  Luo Dayou's online performance is his first WeChat video account concert.

The video account is one of the key businesses of Tencent Holdings. According to the announcement, Tencent Holdings’ revenue from value-added services in the first quarter was 72.7 billion yuan. Among them, the increase in the live broadcast of the video account drove its social network revenue to increase by 1% year-on-year to 29.1 billion yuan.

  Tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of views, based on the current surge of users of video accounts.

CITIC Securities stated that the scale of WeChat video account users is developing rapidly. At present, the DAU (number of daily active users) has reached 500 million, and its user volume is already between Douyin and Kuaishou (main station + speed version). The user space is expected to match the DAU780 million level in the circle of friends.

  Listed companies explore cross-border marketing

  Previously, with the online concerts of Xicheng Boys, Mayday and Cui Jian, the video account has quickly gained user popularity, and it has also stimulated the exploration of brand naming commercialization.

This Luo Dayou online concert, like the previous Cui Jian online concert, was exclusively titled by Jihu Automobile, a subsidiary of BAIC Blue Valley, as a sponsor.

  Previously, BAIC Blue Valley announced the April sales data of Jihu Automobile.

Jihu Automobile delivered a total of 1,140 vehicles, an increase of 54% month-on-month and a year-on-year increase of 1,113%; a total of 3,186 vehicles were delivered from January to April, a year-on-year increase of 750%.

The significant increase in sales was attributable to BAIC Blue Valley's continuous increase in R&D efforts and brand marketing.

The annual report of BAIC Blue Valley shows that in 2021, R&D investment will be 1.836 billion yuan, accounting for 21.11% of operating income; sales expenses will be 1.672 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65.83%, mainly due to the increase in advertising exhibition fees and operating expenses compared with the previous period.

  In this online performance, the sponsor's logo appeared in a prominent position on the background of the live broadcast.

Through the way of naming, combining the performance with the brand can obtain higher brand exposure.

Baizhun Data's "2022 WeChat Video Account Ecological Development Research Report" pointed out that through live broadcast, brands can maximize their influence and cover interested users at a time point, which is impossible for any brand. The advantage of rejection.

  The road to commercialization of video accounts

  On May 18, Tencent Holdings released its first quarterly report for 2022, mentioning video account related revenue for the first time.

Revenue from live video accounts has become one of the core factors in the growth of Tencent's value-added services. In the first quarter, revenue from value-added services was 72.7 billion yuan. Among them, the increase in revenue from live video accounts led to a 1% year-on-year increase in social network revenue to 29.1 billion yuan.

  Sinolink Securities believes that the development of video accounts has resulted in increased costs and steady growth in deferred income, which will form a strong support for the subsequent release of performance.

At the same time, since the video account has not yet achieved good monetization, the gross profit rate of value-added services and advertising business has decreased year-on-year. The subsequent commercialization of the video account will improve the gross profit rate.

  CITIC Securities pointed out that the commercialization of video accounts is still in the early stage, but the potential for comprehensive commercial value is huge.

On January 24, the WeChat video account conducted the first paid live broadcast of the NBA game, which attracted 349,000 viewers at halftime.

With the introduction of high-traffic content such as online concerts in video accounts, the potential of paid live broadcasts is expected to be further explored in the future.